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Does Your Financial Plan Have A Cavity?

"Seniors leaving the workforce are often taken by surprise when they lose their dental insurance. Out-of-pocket dental expenses can eat away at your retirement nest egg."   Regardless of your age, oral health plays a massive role in your physical health and wellbeing.  This is especially so when you retire. Keeping your smile in good working [...]

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Sequence Of Returns Risk

What is the "sequence of returns" risk, and how can it negatively impact your retirement savings? The "sequence of returns risk" or "sequencing risk" refers to the possibility that the timing and order you take investment returns may not be favorable. Bad timing results in your portfolio having less overall value, meaning you'll have less [...]

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Running Out of Money Before You Run Out Of Life

The devastating effects or living too long (the longevity crisis) and not having enough funds to maintain an anticipated quality of retirement is a real concern. LIMRA reports: The average life expectancy for a person who reaches the age of 65 is 83 for males, 86 for females. LIMRA purports that the proper way to interpret these statistics is to assume half of all males who reach age 65 will live past 83 and half of the females who reach that age will live past 86. Half of all couples who reach age 65 will have one partner hit 90.

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Will Your Retirement Income Go The Distance?

What is the number one worry for retirees? Not having enough money saved to last them in their golden years. Industry expert Tom Hegna has written extensively about this fear in both of his books “Don’t Worry, Retire Happy” and “Paychecks and Paychecks.” He states, “The number one risk retirees must take off the table [...]

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How Much Money Is Needed In Retirement

How much money do I need in retirement? "One of the thorniest issues facing retirees is how to determine much money they will be able to spend when they no longer work. Even data-focused planning has a hard time solving the dilemma of knowing exactly how much to withdraw without compromising one's lifestyle." A persistent [...]

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Mistakes That Could Make Retirement Challenging.

Making any of these common mistakes could mean you will have to struggle more when you no longer get a paycheck." The road to a successful, stress-free retirement often has potholes more challenging to navigate than you may believe. There are numerous critical issues to address, complicated money concepts to understand, and a bewildering array [...]

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It’s Not Financial Rocket Science

Since it’s your future, it’s good to know that the companies we recommend can meet their financial obligations and should garner the most trust of all the types of investing. Even in the toughest times of economic downturn faced by American and global concerns, these types of companies have enjoyed steady growth and stability with plans to perpetuate their financial strength and to cover all contractual obligations for hundreds of years—not just the next quarter or fiscal year.

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There Are Fees And Then There Are Fees

I believe in full transparency when presenting solutions to my clients for their goals and needs. There is no perfect product for everyone, so we need to do a complete fact-finder to find the right product to satisfy the situation. Sometimes, I can offer no solution, and I will state that immediately, so we don’t [...]

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You’ve Made It Up The Mountain; Now You Need Retirement And Income Planning To Get You Down.

"As you move from the accumulation segment of your financial life into the distribution phase, can you truly afford to take on more risk?"- Diane Marra As I lamented in my book, Retirement Planning Made Easy, the concept of retirement has taken on some negative connotations in the 21st Century. Along with an intensely complex [...]

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