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Volatility, Information, The Stock Market and Annuities

Volatility is what drives the stock market, it changes. As it changes, opportunities exist to make money whether betting on a movement up or a movement down of the market. All that is needed to make the stock market work is volatility and what drives volatility? Information.

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Time The Stock Market And Make A Huge Profit

Can you time the stock market? Over the years, many systems and many experts have tried to do just that. Some have succeeded, but mostly only for a short period of success. The stock market is freewheeling and designed to move the way investors feel it should move. The problem, of course, is that there [...]

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The Retirement Checklist

I recently finished reading a book called ‘The Checklist Manifesto.’ It’s a fascinating book that was written by a surgeon who was struck by the idea that something as simple as a checklist can be the linchpin of a successful outcome, versus complete disaster in some of the most critical of situations. The author spoke [...]

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Did you DO something? Make a bad choice? A poor Decision? Surely you did SOMETHING to cause your mutual funds, stocks, or 401K to lose value! As I write this, the market has dropped over 1000 points. Why? Something out of our control happened: the Corona Virus became a pandemic. You didn’t have anything to [...]

Annuities For Women

In a 2011 survey asking Baby Boomer-aged women about their retirement plans and their investible assets, single women had substantially less money saved for retirement than did single men. In addition to less money saved for retirement, a high percentage (86%) of women surveyed planned to retire earlier than men.

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Concerned About Trusting An Insurance Company With Your Important Retirement Funds?

How safe is your fixed indexed annuity? Should you trust a fixed indexed annuity with your important retirement funds? What happens if an insurance company were to fail? These and other questions are vitally important and the answers may surprise you.

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What Drives Your Financial Decisions?

 What drives your financial decisions? Is it Greed? Fear? Common sense? Some Psychologists say that most people make most financial decisions in that order. The highest percentage starting with Greed, then Fear, and finally, common sense. It has been my experience that that order may very well be correct.   Let's discuss each of these: [...]

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How Safe Is Your Nest Egg

Potential Market Losses... Increased Tax Rates... Is your retirement nest egg safe? You’ve spent a lot of time, hard work, and dedication saving for retirement. So the last thing you want is to lose any of your hard-earned money to market losses or increased tax rates. However, this is what a lot of retirees face [...]

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Will Your Family Be Affected By The Secure Act

The SECURE ACT took effect 1/1/2020: Will your family be affected? When it comes to finding new ways to siphon more money out of middle-class taxpayers' pockets, there is no shortage of great ideas on Capitol Hill. Take the clumsily-titled Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Act (SECURE Act), for example. The SECURE Act, which became [...]

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Can Contentment Cause People To Be Blind To Danger

What is it about contentment that causes people to be blind to danger? A parable, as defined by http://www.dictionary.com, is a short allegorical story designed to illustrate or teach some truth, religious principle, or moral lesson. The parable we are talking about today is to teach a truth about people and how they behave. The age-old [...]

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