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These Annuities Can Give You A Little Extra TLC

Planning for annual expenses is only part of what it takes to create a more prosperous and happy post-career life. It's also crucial to consider the costs associated with age-related loss of independence. Chronic illnesses, accidents, and injuries can happen throughout a person's lifetime. These occurrences are especially impactful in the later years and often [...]

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7 Things You Must Know About Claiming Social Security

Social Security is a great program, but knowing when and how to claim your benefits can determine how much you collect. Here are seven potential problems you need to consider so you can maximize your Social Security income. 1: Remarrying Before Age 60 If your spouse dies, you will be entitled, in most situations, to [...]

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The Black Swan And Retirement

What is a “Black Swan” event and how could it affect your retirement plans?   "Go ask your portfolio manager for his definition of "risk," and the odds are that he will supply you with a measure that excludes the possibility of the Black Swan-hence one that has no better predictive value for assessing the [...]

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The Wisdom Of Planning For Possible Illness

How Medicare Supplemental And Long Term Care Planning Can Make All The Difference In Your Life When people enter their Golden Years, many transition from an employer-sponsored health plan to Medicare with confusion. The importance of adding an effective Medicare supplemental policy, and also considering adding plans to cover long term care expenses cannot be [...]

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Fear And Ignorance In Retirement Planning

A recent report from the American College illustrates the lack of information and knowledge most Americans have when it comes to their financial lives. This can become a significant problem for those working towards a retirement that has enough funds to make the “golden” years “golden.” The simple fact that so many Americans are misinformed [...]

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The Retirement Question

At a recent Social Security workshop, I presented I was asked the question on every baby-boomer’s mind these days. “What should I do with my retirement funds with all this volatility in the stock market?” The answer is not simple but is not as complex as many would have you believe.  The question “assumes” a [...]

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The Lizard Brain

"The lizard brain is … fighting for your survival. But, of course, survival and success are not the same things." - Seth Godin Neuroscience has demonstrated over the years that the human brain is hardwired for maximum complacency. Turns out we humans tend to freeze up when faced with important decisions, not because we are [...]

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Help Your Surviving Wife Survive

Let me share something with you that’s been bothering me for many years. I’ve been working in the financial services and insurance industry for 21 years, but this experience I have goes back far beyond that. Back to when I was in my 30s. This message is intended for men, but ladies, I hope you [...]

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Sequence Of Returns Risk

In 1994, William Bengen published an article in the Journal of Financial Planning. He aimed to present his research from the Monte-Carlo Simulations he created, and what an acceptable withdraw rate would be for someone with a retirement horizon of 30 years. Bengen knew that it was dangerous for retirees to assume a withdraw rate [...]

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The Golden Years May Become Scary

When the Social Security Administration announced that for 2016, 2017, 2018 there would be NO “cost of living adjustment” (COLA) to retirement payments, many considered inflation was under control. The reason for no COLA is simple, and Congress sets the COLA based on the performance of the Consumer Price Index (CPI). The CPI failed to grow [...]

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