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Does Your Advisor Have A Contingency Plan? If Not, Your Wealth May Be At Risk?

"You spent a long time locating the perfect financial advisor. But, are you prepared for the day when that advisor can no longer assist you with your retirement portfolio?"- John Ripley. If your advisor died or was incapacitated, do you know who would step in to handle your account? Nearly everyone who has begun the [...]

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When Planning, Don’t Forget These Often Overlooked Retirement Expenses

"There is a massive disconnect between how much money people think they'll need in retirement and their actual expenses once they no longer work.”   Steve Kerby Retirement marketing tends to present highly idealized visions of retirement as a sort of heaven. In retirement, there is no work, no nasty bosses, endless sunshine, road trips, and [...]

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Will Deflation Be An Issue As You Prepare To Retire?

“Although deflation is historically a less common occurrence than inflation and tends to be less erosive to retiree wealth, those who still have a few years before retiring should take adequate precautions.”  Tim Davis, CLU, CEBS There is a lot of justifiable concern surrounding inflation, especially in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Indeed, inflation [...]

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The Freedom to Spend and Enjoy

You've likely heard of the 4% rule. William Bengen came up with it as he tried to answer the two most common questions his clients asked him. Those questions were: How much should I save for retirement? How much can I spend in retirement without running out of money? He could give no clear answers [...]

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Should Federal Employees Contribute The Maximum To Their TSPs?

"In 2021, federal employees can contribute up to $19,500 to their TSPs. There is also a $6,500 catch-up contribution per year for those over the age of 50. But, should ALL your nest egg be locked up in a TSP?"- George Politarhos Most financial experts agree that the federal government's Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) is [...]

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Annuities Are Only Giving Me My Own Money Back

Being in the Insurance Industry over the last 20 plus years and offering products that directly compete with the products being provided by Financial Advisors, there are several objections that I routinely hear from people looking at Annuities as an alternative to keeping their money at risk in the Market. Recently I had someone say [...]

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Can Buying An Annuity Help Younger People Who Are Still Working?

"Conventional financial wisdom says people should only purchase annuities shortly after they retire, around ages 65-75. But, conventional wisdom may not be right for everyone."- Ed Hochard In general, people tend to purchase an annuity product at retirement time or less than a year after they quit working. One reason for waiting is that it [...]

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Should Pre-Retirees And Retirees Rebalance Their Investment Portfolios To Mitigate Risk?

"The main reason for rebalancing a retirement portfolio should be risk management. Other rationales for rebalancing can come with costs, but no guaranteed tangible benefits." Robert Cannon Retirement and income specialists often recommend periodic portfolio rebalances for those at or near retirement age. The reason for doing a rebalance within a few years of retirement [...]

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Depending On Cash Dividends In Retirement Could Be A Mistake

Many retirees today purchase cash dividend stocks as another source of income during their retirement.  While there are several positive attributes of cash dividends, they all carry a risk….and uncontrollable risk: The dividends may be reduced at any point in time or stop completely.  You have no control over the amount or timing of any corporate dividend. [...]

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Fixed Indexed Annuities Are Capturing The Mighty Upside Horsepower Of Market Indexes

Guaranteed Income Planning, Not Income Guessing. The recent May 5, 2021 market update from Paul Dietrich, Chief Investment Strategist for B. Riley Wealth Management, had this featured headline: “Despite The Stock Market Going Up, There is Risk in the Market!”. “The S&P 500 Index continues to be overvalued, and the NASDAQ Index of mostly tech [...]

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