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Could “Substantially Equal Periodic Payments,” Help You If You Need To Retire Early?

"It's great if you want (or need) to retire before age 59½, just be aware of the potential tax consequences."- Jerry Yu If you have ever thought of retiring early, your advisor might have mentioned something called "substantially equal periodic payments," or SEPP. These are also often referred to as 72(t) distributions. Anyone who wants [...]

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Why Conventional Financial Planning Is Failing And What You Can Do About It

"With over 70% of Americans unprepared for the time when they can no longer work, it's obvious that conventional financial planning is no longer working." Teresa Kuhn Throughout your lifetime, you will make significant financial decisions, some of which will alter your financial future for better or worse. Rising life expectancies, inflationary monetary policies, and [...]

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Wall Street’s Latest Attempt To Create An Annuity: Bond Tents

Beware of bond tents that are disguised to act like an annuity It never ceases to amaze me to what lengths Wall Street will go to with their products to make them pretend to be an annuity. Remember, all brokers want to do is make changes in your portfolio, for if they can, the more [...]

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Six Lies People Tell Themselves About Retirement Planning That Could Haunt Them Later.

"Sometimes it's necessary to get real with ourselves when it comes to planning for the future, even if the truth isn’t so appealing. - Bob Layman Self-deception and denial are part and parcel of the human experience. There is a place in life for cheerful optimism and hope. However, when it comes to money and [...]

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One Of The Best Financial Products Of Which Few People Have Heard

As more and more seniors look for ways to lower their taxes in retirement, QLACs are stepping into the spotlight. Many seniors in the early phases of their retirements don't need to tap into their traditional retirement accounts. (IRAs/401ks). Unfortunately, they are forced to do so because of IRS Requirement Minimum Distributions (RMD) rules. When you [...]

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Why Should I Plan If I Don’t Ever Want To Retire?

Why should I plan if I don't ever want to retire? "Many people, especially small business owners and entrepreneurs, say they never want to retire. That's fine, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't plan for the future." Over 70% of Americans say they anticipate working even after they've retired. For this group of creative, energetic, [...]

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What Are Some Advantages Of Rolling A 401(k) Into An Annuity?

"Annuities provide guaranteed, predictable sources of income. But do pre-retirees with money in 401ks need to add them to their portfolios?"- Jim Fish Annuities have some undeniable advantages over other financial instruments. For one thing, annuities make retirement planning more accessible by creating a guaranteed source of predictable income that lasts a lifetime. Annuities also protect [...]

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Is It Possible To Save Too Much For Retirement?

Many individuals find themselves awash in cash for various reasons, including fear of market volatility and insecurity surrounding the pandemic. Diane Marra If you're like many Americans, pandemic lockdowns saw you decrease your spending and increase your savings. Now, though, you might be looking at your cash reserves and wondering if your portfolio is as [...]

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Inflation Can Be A Terrible Retirement Partner

"Warren Buffet once pointed out that when you do the math, it is obvious that inflation is far more destructive to wealth than any tax levied on us by the government." Dustin Settle It probably hasn't escaped your notice that consumer prices have gone rogue in 2021. Prices for goods and services are surging at [...]

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Could Passively Investing In Real Estate Help You Enjoy A Better Retirement?

"For certain people within 7-10 years of retirement, adding real estate to create passive income makes sense. Just be sure you have a well-thought-out game plan before you wade in." Eric Coons The closer many of us get to retiring, the more we desire investment alternatives that can help ease some of the sting caused by [...]

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