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Max Out Your 401(k)

....when should you and when should you NOT max out your 401k plan? 401(k’s) differ from IRA’s in one significant way: 401(k)’s allow current workers under 50 to put away up to $18,000 a year. For those over 50, a special “catch-up “provision will let them put in an additional $6,000, raising that threshold to [...]

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Roth IRAs, IRAs, 401(k) and Account Conversions

The big difference between the Roth IRA and other retirement accounts is that rather than receiving a tax break for monies placed into the account, you receive the tax break when you withdraw the money. Why is this difference important? Like any other choice based around tax issues, the more funds that have a tax advantage, the better the net results. Using a Roth IRS’s long term accumulation allow for blending this tax free income with other assets which may have more tax liability.

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Billions In Fees Translates to Billions In Lower Retirement Income

Be cautious of fees subtracted from your retirement funds, you could be the loser at retirement time. With the recent volatility in the stock markets worldwide, concern over the future of many people’s retirement accounts is at the forefront. Volatility, as defined in the stock market, means to many of us that sleeping well at [...]

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Retirement Planning: Common Investor Mistakes

There is no magic bullet when it comes to retiring successfully. Hard work, meticulous planning, and years of dedicated wealth-building are the main ingredients needed to facilitate a prosperous, enjoyable retirement.   There is no magic bullet when it comes to retiring successfully. Hard work, meticulous planning, and years of dedicated wealth-building are the main [...]

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Operation 401(k)

Learning to manage your 401(k) can provide huge benefits The creation of 401 (k) plans was essentially an accidental byproduct of the Revenue Act passed by Congress in 1978. This act included a provision that was added to the IRS Code (section 401 (k) allowing employees to avoid taxation on deferred compensation. A savvy benefits [...]

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Market Volatility: Safety Nets Are Available

A safety net can be important when things go bad Several noted economists and distinguished investors are indicating a bumpy ride ahead for the stock market, not only in America but worldwide. Billionaire investor Carl Icahn, recently offered caution on national news when he declared, “The public is walking into a trap again as they [...]

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Use the 1035 Tax Free Exchange To Maximize Your Annuity Benefits

Section 1035 allows owners of annuities (and life insurance) the opportunity to exchange an older annuity contract for a newer contract that may offer features more in line with current needs. As an example, the older contract may be crediting a lower interest rate than a new annuity may offer.

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Retirement Income: Guess? or Guarantee?

When planning retirement, do you depend on projections based on future conditions or do you plan your retirement based on guarantees. The answer may surprise you; both can be the correct answer. It really all depends on your personal situation and what “time” period you are focusing for retirement.

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Market Volatility Can Be Defeated: Retain or Gain!

If you can retain and then gain, don't you win?   The stock market is up, the stock market is down, day after day. Stress among many people worried about the future is very high. If you have experienced losses in your IRA and are concerned about your future retirement options, answer a few questions [...]

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Make A Plan With These Five Factors In Mind

Like the old song says "Time is on your side," or is it? The biggest question everyone has about retirement is how much income they’ll need each month. This curiosity stems out of how most people live in their pre-retirement years—living off of salaries, commissions and bonuses, and spending most of what they make each [...]

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