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Understanding “Simple” 401(k)s: an Overview

Does a simple 401(k) make sense for you? This lower-cost, easily administered plans may be appealing in a sluggish economy. What do you know about the SIMPLE 401(k)? Most business owners have heard of it, yet don't know much about this retirement savings vehicle. When times are tight, it might be an excellent choice. Do [...]

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Women Are Not Equal to Men in Retirement

Are women and men equal?  Not according to the facts   A recent report from the National Institute on Retirement shows shocking results regarding women in retirement. The report that women in retirement are 80% more likely than men to be impoverished. The reasons are apparent, throughout a women’s working life their income is lower, [...]

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Where Are You Now?

Someone once said that to know where you're going, you must know where you are NOW. That will change as often as circumstances change. What sorts of changes? Well, the death of a spouse is indeed a life-changing change that affects everything. Deaths of trustees/executors are important to consider. The housing crisis a few years [...]

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Understanding Income Riders

Income for life is in reach   As I speak to so many callers to my Safe Money and Income Radio Show, I find that I spend a lot of my time undoing a lot of the misconceptions and even outright misrepresentations that a lot of them have about annuities and income riders. These problems [...]

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How Many People Are In The New American Economy: Living Paycheck To Paycheck?

Paycheck to paycheck, what happens when your transmission fails? Concern by many employers that will need to increase their minimum hourly employee compensation is a significant concern. The federal government sets minimum hourly rates for employees however many sectors of our economy have successfully lobbied exemptions to the $7.25 hourly rate. Who is exempted is [...]

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What Is The Purpose Of A Second Opinion?

Is there any downside for gathering a second opinion?   To me, the answer would be to confirm that the first opinion is correct or that we have enough information in which to consider when making a decision.  Unless it has something to do with your health, most people don’t think twice about getting a [...]

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Four Common Mistakes In Retirement Planning

When Planning for Retirement Four Common Mistakes Nearly Everyone Makes   You may have been told by a well-meaning parent, friend, or financial advisor that you should “Save at least 10% of your money for retirement.” This rule of thumb gives those of us with no idea where to begin planning some initial guidance, but [...]

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Simplifying Retirement Income Planning

  Simplifying Retirement Income Planning (and eliminating: "so what’s the catch?” )  Planning for one’s retirement is not nearly as complicated and confusing as you have been led to believe.  You just need to understand how to overcome the “catch,” as in, “so what’s the catch?” Yes, we’ve all been told, if not instructed, that planning [...]

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The Investment Pyramid For Asset Allocations

The Investment Pyramid For Asset Allocations The idea of an investment pyramid is based on building the foundation (the bottom) the middle (some risk but higher reward) and the top (high risk and high reward). The concept is simple, build your base and add the other portions as you work to gain your financial goals. [...]

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Time Is Not On Your Side

Is Time still on your side or has it already left you   Remember that beautiful song “Time Is On My Side,” it was a huge hit by The Rolling Stones in the 1960s? (Admit it - just now, when you read the song title in the sentence above, the dulcet tones of Mick Jagger’s [...]

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