9 09, 2021

Get To The Point-To-Point

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These days, many retirees are very concerned about market volatility doing severe damage to their retirement nest-egg. There is no level of protection from market risk losses in a traditional account invested in the securities market. So what can we do as financial professionals to help our clients eliminate this risk but still have the [...]

9 09, 2021

Save And Safeguard Your Money A With Fixed Indexed Annuity

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Worries about safeguarding money appear to be a common occurrence to all Americans while saving for retirement. A significant number of adults depend on their 401K, Individual Retirement Account (IRA), Pension Plans, or Social Security. Unfortunately, those are not enough to support the needs of most adults in their later years. An assessment considers a [...]

8 09, 2021

What Should Federal Employees Do With Their TSPs After Retiring?

By |2021-09-08T23:53:39+00:00September 8th, 2021|Retirement Planning|

“A Thrift Savings Plan can turn ordinary government employees into millionaires.  But, is it a good idea to leave all of your nest egg in one basket?”- Joe Runza As of June, 2021, there were over 98,000 Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) millionaires!  These feds achieved this status by consistently investing in their TSP’s stock-indexed and [...]

8 09, 2021

Should You Sell Your Home When You Retire?

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"If you are at or near retirement, the thought of selling your home may have crossed your mind. Before you make that decision, though, you'd better spend some time considering the pros and cons."- Joe Uppleger. The sizzling hot housing market has many pre-retirees and retirees thinking about whether they should sell their current homes. [...]

6 09, 2021

Are You Having Trouble Planning For Retirement? The Problem Could Be All In Your Mind

By |2021-08-16T23:00:47+00:00September 6th, 2021|Retirement Planning|

“Making financial decisions you won't regret later can prove challenging no matter how rationally you approach them.”- Diane Marra If you feel overwhelmed and frustrated when you make wrong decisions with your money, you aren't alone. One of the newer branches of economics, called "behavioral economics," has confirmed that even disciplined and focused people make [...]

20 08, 2021

Are You Utilizing The Power Of Compound Interest?

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"Compound interest is the secret sauce of strategic wealth-building strategies. The sooner you start taking advantage of the magic of compounding, the more money you'll have at retirement time."-  Scott Self If you want to create a stable, less stressful, and ultimately more satisfying retirement, you will need to take some critical actions. First, you [...]

18 08, 2021

These Annuities Can Give You A Little Extra TLC

By |2021-06-30T00:16:06+00:00August 18th, 2021|Retirement Planning|

Planning for annual expenses is only part of what it takes to create a more prosperous and happy post-career life. It's also crucial to consider the costs associated with age-related loss of independence. Chronic illnesses, accidents, and injuries can happen throughout a person's lifetime. These occurrences are especially impactful in the later years and often [...]

16 08, 2021

Why You Should Review Your Insurance Regularly

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Life events can have a massive impact on your financial affairs and trigger the need for a review of your insurance portfolio. If you experience or have recently experienced any of the following events in your life, it's time to call your insurance professional and schedule a comprehensive insurance evaluation.- Joe Runza If you're like [...]