16 11, 2021

Have You Planned For The Financial And Emotional Impact Of Caring For Your Parents?

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"It can be wonderful to grow old with your parents. However, you'll need strategic planning to ensure that caring for aging relatives doesn't drain your emotional and financial resources." -Jeff Kennedy. For the last 25 years, Barbara and her mother Delores had lived miles apart, seeing one another mostly on holidays or during vacations. While [...]

10 11, 2021

Successful Retirement Requires A Shift In Your Thinking

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"The safety, security, and preservation of your assets is the primary focus of the distribution phase of retirement. If you lose the money you've saved, how can you possibly create income streams?"- Diane Marra One of the reasons I wrote my book, "Retirement Planning Made Easy," is to help people wrap their heads around the [...]

9 11, 2021

Bank savings options

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Don't Put Your Money Under the Mattress - There Are Other Options Insulating your money against inflation, theft or catastrophe is as simple as taking it out from underneath your mattress and opening a savings account. The three most common are transactional savings accounts, money market accounts, and certificates of deposit. Two alternative accounts are [...]

4 11, 2021

Does a deferred income annuity have a place in your retirement plan

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Does a deferred income annuity have a place in your retirement plan? If you're looking for payments that begin on a future date and continue for the rest of your life, your spouse's life, or for a specific period, you might consider a deferred income annuity (DIA). DIAs offer several distinct advantages over other kinds [...]

3 11, 2021

Is the “4% Rule” the Gospel truth or wishful thinking?

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After running multiple scenarios against actual financial market returns and inflation rates between 1926 and 1992, personal finance guru William Bengen articulated the well-known "4% Rule". Bengen was surprised to discover that, despite stock market crashes and economic downturns, portfolios with 50% equities and 50% bonds did not typically run out of money for 30 [...]

1 11, 2021

Why Patience May Pay Off For Federal Employees Under The FERS Program

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If you are a federal employee under the Federal Employees Retirement System (FERS), then you have many crucial decisions to make when the time comes to retire. The decision of when to take Social Security, for which FERS employees qualify and pay, is probably one of the most challenging retirement decisions you'll make. If you're [...]

29 10, 2021

What Happens To Your Social Security When You Die?

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Does Your Social Security Just Go Away When You Die? By Syndicated Columnists|October 29th, 2021|Social Security   What happens to your Social Security when you die? “Those planning their retirements should consider what, if any, Social Security benefits could be available if you are the spouse, child, or parent of a worker who dies.”  Many [...]

28 10, 2021

Get More Retirement Confidence By Adding An Annuity To Your Portfolio

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“Modern retirement, with its volatility and unpredictability, requires the use of multiple retirement income tools including annuities.”  Jim Fish Adjusting to life without regular paychecks is challenging and stressful for many retirees. Maintaining even a modest lifestyle and addressing rising medical costs requires foresight, planning, and strategic execution. Modern retirement, with its volatility and unpredictability, [...]

28 10, 2021

Why Your Financial Advisor Should Be A Fiduciary

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“A fiduciary advisor puts your best interests over their commissions.  Having a fiduciary might help you avoid getting products and services that don’t fit your situation.”  Jerry Yu If you were going on a cruise, would you want the ship's captain to be a novice sailor or an experienced, licensed professional? You’ll probably choose the [...]