Learn the basics of Estate Planning, including wills and probate, trust, beneficiary designations & taxes.

Should You Sell Your Home When You Retire?

"If you are at or near retirement, the thought of selling your home may have crossed your mind. Before you make that decision, though, you'd better spend some time considering the pros and cons."- Joe Uppleger. The sizzling hot housing market has many pre-retirees and retirees thinking about whether they should sell their current homes. [...]

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Questions & Answers Regarding Probate

Questions Regarding Probate Who is in charge of the probate process? The will names a personal representative who is responsible for overseeing the probate of an estate. A personal representative or executor may be a family member, friend, business associate, financial institution, or trust company. If the will designates no personal representative, the court appoints [...]

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Is It Possible To Save Too Much For Retirement?

Many individuals find themselves awash in cash for various reasons, including fear of market volatility and insecurity surrounding the pandemic. Diane Marra If you're like many Americans, pandemic lockdowns saw you decrease your spending and increase your savings. Now, though, you might be looking at your cash reserves and wondering if your portfolio is as [...]

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Business Succession

According to California-based exit planner Bill Black, "85% of small businesses have done no planning, leaving their families and employees at risk." In addition, survey after survey indicates that Baby Boomer and Genx business owners have done little to prepare for the day when they will no longer work in their businesses. Unfortunately, exiting a [...]

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You’ve Made It Up The Mountain; Now You Need Retirement And Income Planning To Get You Down.

"As you move from the accumulation segment of your financial life into the distribution phase, can you truly afford to take on more risk?"- Diane Marra As I lamented in my book, Retirement Planning Made Easy, the concept of retirement has taken on some negative connotations in the 21st Century. Along with an intensely complex [...]

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Healthcare And The Baby Boomers

The Baby Boomers are overpowering the health care system.   For over 100 years, the discussion of a national health care system in America has been both a hot and cold discussion. As president, Theodore Roosevelt first suggested a health care system that would be available for all Americans. In fact, as a candidate for [...]

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Make Sure You Understand The Financial Burden Of Long-Term Care.

Make sure you understand the financial burden of long-term care. What's one of the quickest ways your clients can blow through their retirement nest egg? Long Term Care, and with a 70% likelihood of needing some level of extended care, is a predominant retirement risk that should be addressed in every conversation. Many people believe [...]

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