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The Glidepath And Systematic Withdrawal Theory: Do They Still Apply In Today’s Interest Rate Environment?

William Bengen is considered the father of the systematic withdrawal theory. Bengen, in his extensive research, tested hundreds of portfolios to create a standard portfolio withdrawal rate that would survive portfolio failure. His research concluded that a 4% percent withdrawal rate was safe. He dubbed it the SAFEMAX rate. It also supported the assumption that a well-funded [...]

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What Do You Do When Your 401k/IRA Balance Hits Zero?

Most people over 50 years old are aware of the penalty for withdrawing money from their retirement plans (401k or IRA) before age 59 ½. By doing so, the IRS would levy a 10% penalty for early withdrawal against the account holder. However, many of these same retirees and pre-retirees are unaware that at age [...]

Are You Prepared If You Are Forced To Retire Early

"Since the pandemic was first declared, over 2 million older workers have exited the workforce for good. But, unfortunately, this is not always by choice."- John Ripley Forced early retirement is a problem for the entire nation. In the period after the COVID-19 pandemic was declared a national emergency, thousands of older Americans find themselves [...]

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What are “floating rate” bond funds and are they better than fixed annuities?

“However attractive floating bond funds appear, investors must be diligent to weigh the risks, research the holdings inside the fund, and consult their financial advisory team to ensure alignment with their overall financial goals.”- Jerry Yu With their lower sensitivity to interest rate changes and the ability to reflect current interest rates, floating rate funds [...]

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Does Your Advisor Have A Contingency Plan? If Not, Your Wealth May Be At Risk?

"You spent a long time locating the perfect financial advisor. But, are you prepared for the day when that advisor can no longer assist you with your retirement portfolio?"- John Ripley. If your advisor died or was incapacitated, do you know who would step in to handle your account? Nearly everyone who has begun the [...]

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The Freedom to Spend and Enjoy

You've likely heard of the 4% rule. William Bengen came up with it as he tried to answer the two most common questions his clients asked him. Those questions were: How much should I save for retirement? How much can I spend in retirement without running out of money? He could give no clear answers [...]

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Annuities Are Only Giving Me My Own Money Back

Being in the Insurance Industry over the last 20 plus years and offering products that directly compete with the products being provided by Financial Advisors, there are several objections that I routinely hear from people looking at Annuities as an alternative to keeping their money at risk in the Market. Recently I had someone say [...]

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Can Buying An Annuity Help Younger People Who Are Still Working?

"Conventional financial wisdom says people should only purchase annuities shortly after they retire, around ages 65-75. But, conventional wisdom may not be right for everyone."- Ed Hochard In general, people tend to purchase an annuity product at retirement time or less than a year after they quit working. One reason for waiting is that it [...]

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The Three Pillars of a Safe-Money Retirement

Everyone wants a stress-free retirement, but so many retirees are constantly worried about their financial wellbeing. How do you overcome the stress of establishing a safe retirement plan? Many are concerned about having the right medical coverage and whether they can afford the monthly premiums or the huge bills which often follow a hospital stay. [...]

Do You Really Have To Choose Between Paying Off Debt Or Saving For Retirement?

"Some people believe that you only have one option: either pay off debt or save money. What if it were possible to do BOTH? What if there were a way to turn your debt into wealth?"- Teresa Kuhn. As a specialist in transforming debt into wealth, I am acutely aware of the dilemma faced by [...]