Learn the basics of Estate Planning, including wills and probate, trust, beneficiary designations & taxes.

What You Need to Know About Probate

Most people have a general fear of probate which is often based on publicity or misunderstood information. The press and numerous articles explain the hazard of probate and the underlying expenses which could wipe out an estate. Are these real or imagined concerns? The answer is quite simple, it all depends. It depends on the size and complexity of the estate. It depends on instructions from the will of the decedent.

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Life After The Memorial

Life after the memorial: 9 things every widow MUST do in order to protect her financial well-being Losing a spouse is difficult at any age, but it is particularly devastating for women nearing retirement. Many of these women may have assumed more traditional roles during a marriage, such as the stay-at-home mother or they may [...]

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Designate A Beneficiary And Lower Probate Expense

What’s in a name? A lot if that name is a beneficiary of your annuity. Your annuity fund has the possibility of becoming a significant financial asset, one that can significantly benefit both you and your heirs in the future. Annuities, along with other financial contracts such as 401(k), life insurance policies, and IRA’s, comprise [...]

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In Death, The Details Become Essential

In my line of work, I have the unfortunate job to deal with the passing of someone’s spouse, parent, or sibling. I see in these moments of grief I know how, if the details aren’t thought of ahead of time, the pain can be compounded with the frustration of trying to navigate through the messiness [...]

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Use ‘Transfer on Death’ Form to Avoid Probate Court

Avoiding probate can be tricky, but you might be able to successfully do it following these three straightforward ways. If you own stock certificates or have a brokerage account the ‘transfer on death’ option can be used to avoid probate. This option is often called the ‘Uniform Transfer on Death Securities Resignation.’ You can designate [...]

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Big Changes Coming To Estate Tax Planning

 Reducing estate tax liability is getting more complicated A very significant thing has recently happened regarding estate taxes. The significance of this chance is far-reaching, the agent that grasps this will be far ahead of the competition. Not only will this rule change make a huge difference is how estates are handled in regards to [...]

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Healthcare And The Baby Boomers

The Baby Boomers are overpowering the health care system   For over 100 years the discussion of a national health care system in America has been both a hot and cold discussion. As president, Theodore Roosevelt first suggested the idea of a health care system that would be available for all Americans. In fact, as [...]

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Baby Boomers Will Be Have To Pay A Higher Percentage For Their Medical Care

Tough decisions will cause Baby Boomers to decide on retirement spending   Recently a large financial services company suggested that each retiree beginning at age 65 and using Medicare as their chosen health insurance protection vehicle could face an out of pocket expense of over $240,000 during their lifetime. The amount needed is expected to [...]

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Physicians And The Affordable Care Act

Physicians are taking the brunt of lowered medical costs reimbursements  Increasingly, medical providers are deciding not to handle Medicare patients any longer; instead, they are offering services to those over age 65 with their actual cost of services being billed. The Medicare enrollee has no viable option of asking Medicare for reimbursement and is faced [...]

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