About Frank J. Gorshin, CLU

Frank J. Gorshin, CLU, has been a part of the life insurance and financial service field for over 30 years. After working as a manager for several large financial companies, he proudly began his own independent marketing organization in 2002. Gorshin Financial Group supports a team of 20 advisors with Life Insurance and Annuity products. In addition, he continues his consulting practice for retirement and income planning with over 200 clients. Websites: gorshinfinancialgroupinc.com | frankgorshin.retirevillage.com

Office: (800) 734-5236 | Gorshin Financial Group, Inc

Stop Identity Theft Before It Happens

In today’s world, especially the digital world, people constantly leave behind little pieces of themselves. These pieces, while small, are a part of a larger picture, your identity. Please do not underestimate the resourcefulness of identity thieves, and your trash might be their treasure. According to the Federal Trade Commission, over 800,000 identity theft cases [...]