Choose An Annuity For Your Retirement Account

Fear and concern over yields with safe, secure money should be at the forefront for any retiree or person with limited resources. Especially if maintaining a current lifestyle is important and the goal. In an era of money market funds yielding next to nothing, fear of inflation, and concern regarding out of control government spending [...]

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Top 10 Retirement Planning Mistakes

            Planning for retirement requires understanding of your present situation and a focus on your goals. Mistakes are easily made and corrections are always necessary in order to meet the needed requirements for retirement. Below are 10 tips that could help you stay on track and to meet your goals. [...]

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Management Of Annuity Taxation

A tax-deferred annuity provides tax deferral in which income tax on the yield on the original deposit of investment income is not charged during the investment period, as long as the funds remain on deposit in the annuity.  The tax liability is postponed until the annuity’s owner or beneficiary begins to receive (or accesses funds) [...]

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A Life Insurance Policy Is An Asset You Can Sell

Did you know that you have a valuable asset which is often overlooked and may not be included in conversations regarding your financial portfolio?  It’s your life insurance policy. Many people are not aware that a life insurance policy is an asset which can be sold with some of the terms being set by the [...]

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