The Stock Market, The Magnificient Twenty and Volatility

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The stock market and volatility,  are you exposed to a 30% chance of loss?

It’s important to know that even in the best years the stock market carries a 30% chance of loss.  So there is always a 1 out of 3 chance the market won’t perform to expectations.  Sadly, in good times people think the market will continue to climb.  But what are the odds of consistently beating the market and avoiding market meltdowns?  What are the odds of becoming a professional athlete?  Plenty of people have overcome the odds and made it big in sports.  But what do you say to a 50-year-old who wants to play in the NFL?  We need to be realistic.  The older you get, you may not be able to afford the time to regain your losses.

Have you heard of The Magnificent Twenty? They’re a group of 20 in an elite group who lost at least $100 million in the stock market back in 2008.  Now here’s a question for you – does anyone have better information than these informed investors?  No one complains when the market is roaring, but how vulnerable are ordinary investors if the top guns don’t see the avalanche coming?

The theme of the fixed/indexed annuity message is safety and security.  There is plenty of research and studies to back up the fact that these plans work and they work well.  When you are retired, everything works completely different than when you were working.  It’s like doing everything in a mirror.  Money management activities become opposite to when a person is working.  Safe money fixed/indexed annuity accounts grow on a guaranteed basis, with no risk, even in uncertain economies that occur from time to time.  It is pretty satisfying to save your retirement money from collapsing and not be in a position where you never have to ask the question “Can I win or lose?”  Can you put a price tag on peace of mind?

The safe money fixed/indexed annuities method speaks for itself:  The ability to grow money safely, securely, and guarantee a lifetime income — the ability to avoid financial enemies: risk, taxes, and fees.  Unfortunately, the average person spends more time planning a vacation than managing their money.

The safe money fixed/indexed annuity owner won’t suffer losses when the market fails, because you never leave the safety and security of a highly rated insurance company.  Do you want your hard earned money to have privacy, be protected from probate, and pass automatically to your heirs?  Is it desirable to have the potential to increase retirement fund yields without market risk and no brokerage fees?

Do you wish to have an additional stream of income riding piggy-back to your pension and social security?  If you have a safe money fixed/indexed annuity, you have all of the above.



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