The Chicken, The Egg and Goldilocks

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chicken-or-egglWho came first, the chicken or the egg?



Over the past few years, we’ve seen the ”chicken and egg” cycle continue in the national economy. The Federal Reserve pumps more money into the system and buys vast quantities of U.S. bonds and mortgage-backed securities. This is one reason the stock market took off as the Fed’s monetary policy pushed buyers into riskier assets like stocks and bonds. So why are you wary of the stock market wave?

Because deep down you know the Fed’s money infusion causes economic distractions. What happens when stock market returns are eroded because of inflation (higher prices)? If people open their wallets and pocketbooks, prices will rise because of higher consumer demand for everything from peanuts to petrol. But real growth stops when prices go up at the same time stocks go up. Higher prices eat into your profit. Suddenly, the wallets and pocketbooks close up, and consumers hunker down. A negative spending consciousness means a negative economy. At this point, borrowing costs skyrocket, real estate struggles, and finance as fuel for capitalism is tapped out.
So where does one go for safety and security?

Safe Money fixed-indexed annuities can be the logical choice. Wall Street will come running to the safe annuity industry if they see any chance of recapturing the funds that have evaporated from them. New products will be developed which will only have allusion of what we know as an annuity.

There is no public outcry of dissatisfaction with fixed-indexed annuities. In 2012 there were a total of 50 complaints initiated against safe money fixed-indexed annuities. There were approximately 30 billion dollars submitted in new sales for fixed/indexed annuities. Think about it – there are 50 individual states in the United States and a total of 50 complaints. This breaks down to only one complaint per state? $30 billion in new business divided by 50 complaints? Your calculator can’t even do the math.

Folks, no other industry boasts the same degree of customer satisfaction as safe money fixed/indexed annuities. It is a squeaky clean industry. All these facts run contrary to any misinformation campaigns via Google search engines.

Have a look at Fixed Indexed Annuities, might be a good option for your important money.


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