Sustainable Income For Life

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Sustainable income, exactly what is it?

How could income be sustainable?  What happens when interest rates drop or you live too long, how can it sustain itself?

Those are good questions and the answer might seem too good to be true. However, it is true if you understand how to create an Income for Life. 

You could call it “Income Insurance”. It simply insures that you will NEVER outlive your income, no matter what happens in the stock market, Washington, or the World.

You may spend all your income this month, and then next month you get another income check.  This will continue no matter how long you or your spouse live. EVEN if you’ve already SPENT all your money, if either spouse is alive, they will continue to receive that Income check!

What’s MORE, after both spouse have passed away, if there’s any money left in your account, 100% goes to your beneficiaries!

Sound too good to be true?  The secret is simple, allow an insurance company to hold your retirement money and in return provide guaranteed income.  The insurance company will issue an annuity and in that contract, will be guarantees, guarantees to provide you income for any time period, even life. 

The catch? 

The insurance company gets to use your money, but it still is your money. If you live beyond life expectancy, the company pays.  If you die prematurely, the unused portion is inherited by your named beneficiary.

How does the insurance company benefit from this?  They get the use of your money, that is it. And for allowing them to use your money, you get the benefits that desire: safety, security, lifetime income and probate avoidance.

If you assume the responsibility of managing your important retirement funds, you may be exposed to risks that you cannot afford.  The risk of running out of money, the risk of living too long.

Making withdrawals out of a pile of money over and over again (especially if that money is in the Stock Market where one “correction” could irrevocably derail your ‘plan’), watching that pile slowly dwindle until it’s GONE is a recipe for failure. It makes no sense at all when there is a much better way. Leverage your money so that it never dwindles, never runs dry-GUARANTEED!




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