Social Security Could Be Gone Sooner Than You Think

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In your retirement years, it is essential to not rely on Social Security as your only source of income, especially if you plan on being comfortable in the golden years of your life. 95% of Americans think “I have assets outside of only relying on Social Security, like my 401(k)”, but still don’t have a plan on making sure that they don’t run out of money or lose retirement funds due to a market crash. Remember what happened in 2008 to people’s 401(k) plans? It is essential to make sure you don’t lose 38% of your retirement savings due to a market crash by protecting your money in a product that provides guaranteed lifetime income that you and your spouse can never outlive.

The majority of people would like to plan not only to cover themselves in retirement but also want to leave additional money to their family and loved ones. Based on a report put out by the Social Security Administration in 2015, the Social Security Trust Fund will be completed drained in 2034!

I cover a lot in my book, “Safe Money,” about how American’s can establish their own guaranteed lifetime income, protection against the volatility of the stock market, and protection against inflation. Most of my clients realize that while they may have retirement savings and social security, they really don’t have a plan when it comes to making sure that they don’t run out of money, or how a deficit in their Social Security is going to impact them and their savings.

A few of my clients don’t think they are going to live long enough to have these issues come up but don’t realize they may leave their spouse and loved ones with little to no income, as people are living longer and longer. I make sure that you understand the options, and nothing is left up to chance. It is easy for you to grow your money in safe investments, plan for your income, and make sure you live your life the way you want after working most of your life to reach a point of freedom to do as you please (without interruptions from unexpected problems, such as health, that most advisors do not address).

For me, protecting your money is personal. I watched my parents lose their live savings to fast-talking, three-piece-suit-wearing brokers. The experience left me inspired in my approach to investments and client relationships.




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