Welcome to the Age of Safety in Retirement

Welcome to the age of safety, for the discretionary must have retirement funds needed to secure a lifelong income with no worries of running out of money before you run out of time.

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The Best Practices Used to Create Sustainable Streams of Retirement Income

Welcome to the age of safety, for the discretionary must have retirement funds needed to secure a lifelong income with no worries of running out of money before you run out of time.

As my client’s transition from the saving phase to the spending phase, our income planning strategy, combined with any other guaranteed source of cash flow, will generate a secure retirement income.

This specialized planning method means retirement income is not dependent on market returns or interest rates during the years in retirement when cash flow and income are a priority for your basic living needs. This type of financial consideration should be taken very seriously for those aged 50 and above who are saving for retirement, and those already retired.

It may be hard to let go of the belief that buying and holding stocks is a sure-fire key to asset growth. But that’s because people have been lulled into thinking that long-term stock investing greatly reduces the risks. The fact remains that stocks are risky, no matter how long you hold them.

While the odds of getting good stock performance over time, in the long run, is good, “if you have both the time and money to invest,” it can produce a superior average return in comparison to safer investments. But you need to think about how much you can stand to lose. It does not do you a lot of good to have years of great performance only to be trounced in a crash just before you retire.

Everybody wants to talk about diversification like it’s the answer to achieve the same results. It hasn’t done so in the past and is less likely to in the future for more reasons than I have time to go into here. If you’re savvy to what’s going on around you in this financial climate, there’s no need for further explanation. It’s all about asset allocation or, in fine, allocating the proper amounts of your money to the bulletproof method that has worked in the past, and will continue to work in the future to provide those who will take hold of a time-tested and proven direction that has a 100% fail-safe track record. Trade your greed for guarantees—it’s a better feeling all the way around.

And consider what I offer my clients—a unique and attractive blend of safety, growth potential, tax advantages, and a lifetime-income option without losing control of your money. My clients contend that having iron-clad income security outweighs the lure of taking on risk to gain a little more yield.

You can prosper and live secure with Safe Money Planning; when the times are good, we have upside gain, when the times are bad we retain the gain, never giving back any previous earnings. That’s gain and retain, not gain and give back. Our financial products and planning are gaining popularity and a reputation as the finest financial instrument available today for the conservative non-risk investor.

The funds used in this type of retirement income planning provide the foundation needed for a lifetime of security, with any balance going to your beneficiaries at death.

It is wise to go to a safe harbor with the appropriate amounts needed to protect your retirement income needs.

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