How To Stay In The Money During Your Retirement Years

A lot of the more savvy investors are realizing that foundational income retirement planning should be part of their overall portfolio.

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The whole concept of Worry-free financial planning is to obtain maximum return without market risk.

Most of my radio listeners agree that no matter how good or bad the market is, a portion of your portfolio should be in Safe Money. When I say Safe Money, I mean things that are safer than stocks, bonds, mutual funds, real estate, gold, or any other investment type risk.

Never confuse brains with the bull market. When a bull market is charging, and everything is going up, the bias of overconfidence is created by the illusion of superiority and the illusion of control. In every additional day that you stay invested, the bull market adds to the overconfidence that helps you believe that you’re making money because your market instincts are better than average. This may also mean that you think that you will know exactly when to exit the market just before the crash. Sadly, the only way to truly deal with this bias is to have the next bear market show you that you are not superior and that you are not in control. So here is the bottom line, I got nothing against the stock market, but here is the question to ask yourself, will stock prices be higher 25 to 30 years from now? If you believe the answer is yes, then any time is a good time to invest in stock funds.

But you need to plan to leave your money invested, and you need to be willing to tolerate volatility. If you can’t do both, then doesn’t it make sense to put a portion of your portfolio into safe money planning? Money that you can count on no matter what the future brings. Most people are primarily investing for retirement, and if you are not planning on retiring for ten years or more, today’s market gyrations may have little effect on your final selling price. But, if you’re five years or less to retirement or newly retired, you should consider another strategy that has a powerful combination for your retirement. Principal protection, growth potential, lifetime income. This is what we do. Protect your principal from market downturns; grow your retirement assets in the good times. Offer contractually guaranteed income that can never be outlived while maintaining control of your money. So let me ask you this, what is better than protection, growth, and flexibility? Also offers strong guaranteed income solutions that fit your needs.

From 2008 to the present day, almost everybody has been happy to rebuild their portfolios. You surpass the highs they may have gained before the previous crash. To that, I say now is one of the very best times to secure part of your profits and move to a guaranteed plan with that portion of your portfolio that you don’t want to compromise again. Instead of spending the next six to ten years trying to rebuild losses that you’ve already rebuilt. The worry of a repeat or worse of the past events should not be part of your retirement future. If you stay the course as advised and history repeats itself, then again, you’ll defeat the present opportunity for a secure financial income plan that may make your retirement future a happy one. The most common regret that I hear from my radio listeners when they come in to visit with me is “I wish I would have done this sooner.”  To that, I say there is no time to start protecting your retirement financial future like the present.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Americans are facing a multifaceted retirement challenge. Fewer companies are offering Defined Benefit Plans.

One of the most profound challenges is ensuring Americans can achieve lifetime financial security in retirement. Many of those who still do, including government employers, are facing deficits requiring them to change their policies. Many seek to make prudent investment decisions, leaning toward conservative savings opportunities that will outlast America’s next economic challenge. The advantages of our type of retirement planning will give you the security to create an income stream that you cannot outlive and a portfolio diversity that many are seeking to avoid the volatility of living off of investments that can be unpredictable. My office will provide the proven retirement planning that can be the anchor that keeps your portfolio afloat, offering financial stability for savvy investors in all economic environments. History says it is wise to book profits. You are considering two weeks before the October 29th, 1929 stock market crash; Yale economics professor Erwin Fisher predicted what looked like a permanently high plateau. Oh, be wise; what more can I say? Make no mistake when planning for your future retirement; guarantees should be part of your financial plans.

Let me help you with the financial safety net necessary to meet your bottom line, no matter how good or bad the financial forecast gets. You can read the headlines and hold your breath until you’re blue in the face, but it all boils down to this, if you can’t afford to lose, then you can’t afford to win at the stock market game. In the game of risk, some investments have higher expected returns than others. A lot of the more savvy investors realize that my style of foundational income retirement planning should be part of an overall portfolio for everyone.

By in large, they’re the ones that will do the worst in the bad times.

Always seek competent advise from a licensed and authorized professional before making important decisions.

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