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Open Enrollment (AEP) is around the corner, and for 44 million enrolled beneficiaries (1), this becomes a time to take advantage to see what changes are coming up and possibly change plans.  And roughly 3 million Americans (2) will be turning 65 every year and enroll for the first time.   

Medicare for those first enrolling can be confusing and overwhelming; for most Americans, it is the first time they have had to take care of their health plan upon retiring and no longer receiving health care coverage from their employers.  Even those who have been on Medicare for several years can be overwhelmed with all the changes and options available.    

A crucial part of ensuring your retirement plan works is having the right health plan for your situation.  It would help if you considered the cost of the Part A premium and what it covers. What about Part B; what does it cover, and what does it cost?  Prescription drug coverage is another important consideration; not only the cost but does your plan cover all the medications you take?  

Many secondary plans (those you can enroll in outside of Part A and B) have a lot of benefits that can help save you money on doctor visits, prescriptions, home health care costs, and even gym memberships.   

So how do you find out what is the best plan for you?  You can spend hours researching and still not make the right choice simply because there is too much information.    

When discussing. their retirement plan, I tell them they need to speak to someone who is an expert on the topic.  I don’t advise Medicare health plans because it is a specialty, and just like your doctor, each thing has its in-depth knowledge.  That is why you don’t go to a cardiologist when you have knee pain; I refer my clients to my Medicare advisor expert when it comes time for this essential part of retirement planning.    

A Medicare consultant knows what questions to ask you, and since they work day in and day out with the different plans, they can quickly help you determine the best plan for you that will fit your lifestyle and your budget.                                                       

(1) According to AARP

(2) Pew Research

About Library of Financial Articles

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