Deer In The Headlights

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It happens all the time.  After one of my teaching events, I get people who want to meet me to learn more about the benefits of annuities  and how they can protect their retirement portfolio.  About 15 – 20 minutes into the meeting, I get the “Deer in the headlights” look.   

Why?  Am I not doing my job at explaining how it works?  Am I using too much professional jargon?  Am I speaking Greek??  No, not at all.  99% of the “this is too good to be true” and “how can the insurance companies do this,” is because no one has ever sat down with them and explained it. You no longer have to put your money at market risk, pay fees for the privilege of having your money at risk, and how there is a way you can have guaranteed income that you can never outlive.  

Why is this?  Because America has been brought up for many decades that they only way to save and prosper in retirement is to place your money in the market.  In the last 40 years, America has also been told to take a portion of their check and hand it over to their companies 401(k).   

While annuities have been around since the Roman Empire, the ultimate retirement protection, the Fixed Index Annuity, has only been around since 1985 and in the last five years has come into popularity.  So why aren’t Brokers telling their clients about it?  Well, let’s face it, with a Fixed Index Annuity, you only get commissioned one time; however, if you keep their account in Stocks, Bonds, or a Mutual Fund, you get commissions with every trade – good or bad.  I would have to assume that if a client walked into John Doe’s office at XYZ Wealth Management and said: “John, I need to move my money out of the market and into something that is 100% save against market risk and still gives me a nice return.” The broker would do that, wouldn’t they?  But yet, I meet with clients day in and day out whose brokers do no such thing.   

So, when I explain to them just how a Fixed Index Annuity works, getting all the highs with none of the lows, guaranteed income for life, and in some case ZERO fees, it is no wonder I get the “deer in the headlight”.  Fortunately for those who come to see me, I can assuage their fears and doubts and get them exactly what they want; peace of mind, protection, an excellent rate of return, and someone who listens to their needs and response.  

Somethings I believe you should do old school; like handwriting thank you notes, making dinner from scratch, but when it comes to planning for retirement, I think it is time to ditch the old school way of thinking and look into the bright future that comes with Fixed Index Annuities.




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