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Syndicated Columnists works with local community-based publications that wish a local approach to information. We believe the local reader wants to read informational content presented by an expert in their community. By providing original subject matter focused on the financial market, our articles are diverse, easy to understand, and targeted to the interested reader. The goal is to bring quality informational writing to the local market. "We believe Local Content is Good Business." Website: syndicatedcolumnists.org

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Local Content Is Good Business

By Robert Penna Throughout history, residents of smaller communities have relied on local tribunes, gazettes, chronicles, heralds, and posts for credible and pertinent news and information. Sadly, in the past 15 years, more than ¼ of local newspapers have closed or merged with larger media outlets. The disappearance of this type of publication has left [...]

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The Dark Side of Compound Interest

Compound interest is a true miracle or a true disaster; it all depends Ben is an elderly man living independently, subsiding on a below poverty income. Ben and his siblings have been continually active for years in our small town in Northern California. Ben helps at his church and helps his neighbors and community, always [...]

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Bank Savings Options

Don't Put Your Money Under the Mattress - There Are Other Options Insulating your money against inflation, theft or catastrophe is as simple as taking it out from underneath your mattress and opening a savings account. The three most common are transactional savings accounts, money market accounts, and certificates of deposit. Two alternative accounts are [...]

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Does a deferred income annuity have a place in your retirement plan

Does a deferred income annuity have a place in your retirement plan? If you're looking for payments that begin on a future date and continue for the rest of your life, your spouse's life, or for a specific period, you might consider a deferred income annuity (DIA). DIAs offer several distinct advantages over other kinds [...]

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What Happens To Your Social Security When You Die?

Does Your Social Security Just Go Away When You Die? By Syndicated Columnists|October 29th, 2021|Social Security   What happens to your Social Security when you die? “Those planning their retirements should consider what, if any, Social Security benefits could be available if you are the spouse, child, or parent of a worker who dies.”  Many [...]

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Tax Loss Harvesting

What is tax-loss harvesting and will it work for you? “For many investors, tax-loss harvesting is one of the most useful tools for reducing capital gains taxes.” When securities and certain other assets such as real estate, are sold at a loss to offset a capital gains tax liability, the process is known as “tax-loss [...]

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