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Robert specializes in helping Americans financially prepare for retirement. He educates clients all over the country to find ways to generate retirement income to securely protect their savings regardless of market fluctuation. Websites: cannonwealthsolutions.com | fiduciaryannuityadvisor.com

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Annuities Are A Logical Solution For Longevity Risk

"Transitioning from saver to spender can be a disconcerting shift for many seniors. A more systematic approach to spend-down can help." Robert Cannon Transitioning from being a saver in the accumulation phase to a spender in the spend-down stage of your financial life means you will be required to not only keep a close eye [...]

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Should Pre-Retirees And Retirees Rebalance Their Investment Portfolios To Mitigate Risk?

"The main reason for rebalancing a retirement portfolio should be risk management. Other rationales for rebalancing can come with costs, but no guaranteed tangible benefits." Robert Cannon Retirement and income specialists often recommend periodic portfolio rebalances for those at or near retirement age. The reason for doing a rebalance within a few years of retirement [...]

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Why Women Need To Start Having Serious Conversations About Money And Retirement

"Despite their increasing influence, women remain largely ignored by the financial industry. It's time for them to educate themselves, take control of their money, and insist on better treatment from their wealth advisors."- Robert Cannon. Although women now control 2/3 of global household finances and 40% of all wealth, they remain much less confident than [...]

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Long-Term Care: Most Americans Don’t Even Know They Are Going To Need It.

"U.S. government statistics say that over 70% of Americans 65 and older will need long-term care at least once in their lives. Yet, only 33% of us understand and acknowledge that we're likely to need long-term care in the future."- Robert Cannon Various studies over the past decade indicate that Americans tend to underestimate their [...]

How Rising Unemployment Will Affect Retirees

"Rising unemployment has serious implications, even for those already retired." Robert Cannon. As the country emerges from COVID-19-related lockdowns, we are beginning to see more of the economic aftermath, particularly in the form of unemployment. When you are already retired or are close to retirement, it's tempting to feel somewhat insulated from the effects of [...]

Will A Diverse Retirement Plan Provide Peace Of Mind

"Dollars saved 20 years ago have lost nearly HALF of their purchasing power. Such inflation poses a serious threat to seniors entering retirement, as well as those already in retirement." Robert Cannon Since 2000, the US dollar has lost an incredible 44.2% of its purchasing power. Reports from the government's Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), [...]

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What Is A Fiduciary And How Can One Ensure You Have The Best Possible Retirement Outcomes

If you have been looking for a financial advisor or retirement and income specialist recently, you may have run across the term "fiduciary." Fiduciary rules have been in the news lately due to some new Department of Labor (DOL)  rules which clarify which financial professionals are considered fiduciaries and which are not.  In June of [...]

What Are Buffer Annuities And How Do They Work

Sparked by the current pandemic, sales of a relatively new type of annuity have seen a 38% increase over the last year, according to estimates by the Secure Retirement Institute. These latest iterations of annuity products, known as “buffer” annuities,” trace their origins back to 2010.  That year, a handful of annuity companies created a [...]