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For more than two decades, Al Martinez has been an advisor and general agent in the financial services industry, helping clients to make sound financial decisions in the areas of insurance and retirement planning. Host of the Al Martinez Retirement And Income Radio Show. Web Site:
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4 Common Myths about Annuities

Myths or facts, make sure your understand the difference    Corporate media is mostly aligned against annuities. Could financial bias drive this demonization? Traditional financial institutions (Wall Street) spend vast amounts of money advertising on corporate media properties. What is the truth about annuities? How can one product be so loved and vilified at the [...]

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Two Basics You Must Know About Annuities

  Learn annuities, love annuities   Some people find annuities difficult to understand. This can be due to the many different types of annuities or the fact that they are so unique compared to other types of investments. People just haven’t encountered anything like them. However, if you need additional income for retirement, an annuity [...]

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Al Martinez Retirement And Income Radio

                Tune into Al's Retirement and Income Radio Show   Join others in listening to Al's solid and common-sense advice regarding lowering market risk and maintaining a great lifestyle "for all of your retirement years." For more than 20 years, Al has been acclaimed as one of the [...]

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Saving For Retirement? Don’t Forget Your Teeth

 Three years after Sue retired, her jaw began to hurt, at first only when she awoke, then eventually constant. As she had aged, a small overbite had grown to a large overbite, an overbite that was changing her mouth and her life. Her dentist suggested several options, surgery, exercises and special devices. Eventually, Sue was [...]

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A Pile Of Cash: How Important Is It?

Sure, when it comes to paying for something like a new car -- cash talks. Cash can get you a better deal and eliminate interest payments. But more importantly, than having cash is having cash flow. Cash flow is the true king. Cash flow is INCOME.   Try thinking of your money from a different [...]

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Top 7 Retirement Planning Mistakes to Avoid 

Retirement decisions can be confusing and complicated. Many people make too many mistakes when it comes to decisions that can affect their important retirement period. Listed below are 7 retirement mistakes, possibly you can avoid them. Searching for jobs later in life:  Many people forgo proper retirement planning thinking they’ll be able to offset retirement [...]

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Annuity Sales Are Predicted to Grow In These States

Fixed indexed annuities become the darling for retireing with guaranteed income Update:   Nearly 3 million people are likely to purchase fixed index annuities (FIA) in 2017. (2019 4.2 million estimated new purchasers) Three states lead this annuity buying increase: Texas, Florida, and California with an estimated 720,000 households likely to purchase an annuity. California [...]

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