The U.S. Debt Gone Mad!

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If you know the truth about America’s finances, it should make you mad! Consider that One-fifth of all United States dollars ever printed has entered existence within the past year.

A WHOPPING 20% of our new money supply printed within the past year!

This craziness has led the Federal Reserve to expand the US balance sheet by a stunning 80% since February 2020, from $4.1 trillion to $7.4 trillion.

Let this figure sink in….$82 Trillion in Debt.

This titanic amount of debt is well on its way to the $30 trillion mark. Does this make you comfortable with how our Government is handling the nation’s finances? How much more debt can the system take before it implodes?

Also, consider that the total United States debt, public and private, is equivalent to $82 trillion. A crazy $82 trillion in a $21 trillion economy! That is nearly a 4:1 ratio of debt to economic output.

What do you think will happen to the stock market if our debt bubble implodes? What do you think will happen to our bond markets or the housing market? I can reassure you; it won’t be pretty! How can this be healthy to anyone’s eyes for this country’s future and our economic system?

This is why I always encourage my clients to build their retirement assets on a solid foundation that is immune to all the shenanigans our Government is creating. Unfortunately, many of us seem to forget the recent events surrounding the stock market crashes in 2001 & 2008.

I can all but guarantee you that when this debt bubble catches the flu, the resulting chaos will make 2001 & 2008 look like child’s play! Have you “debt proofed” your portfolio? Have you insured that your hard-earned money won’t disappear overnight due to outside forces beyond your control? These are hard questions you should be asking yourself in 2021.

About Library of Financial Articles

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