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About Eric Coons

With 18 years of industry experience as an independent annuities broker, Eric manages over 200 million in Fixed and Indexed annuities with clients in Arkansas, Missouri, Texas and Oklahoma.

Fixed and Fixed Indexed Annuities

Retirement should be a golden era for relaxation, exploration, and pursuing long-cherished passions. However, many retirees find this phase marked by financial stress, a sharp contrast to their imagined utopia. They grapple with two primary pain points: income uncertainty and loss of principal. Fixed and indexed annuities may present an unexpected solution for those facing these financial challenges.

Fixed and fixed indexed annuities are two types of annuity contracts that can be the cornerstone of a solid retirement plan. At their core, annuities are contracts between an individual and an insurance company. In exchange for a sum of money, the insurance company promises to provide regular income payments, either immediately or in the future. The magnitude and duration of these payments can be tailored to meet the retiree’s needs.

Fixed annuities address the concern of income uncertainty. With this type of annuity, the insurer agrees to pay a guaranteed fixed interest rate on the principal, leading to predictable, regular payments. This guarantee is a financial lifeline, a reliable income stream in a retiree’s sunset years. This serves as a safeguard, mitigating the dread of depleting one’s savings and offering retirees the tranquility and assurance they’ve earned in their twilight years.

On the other hand, fixed indexed annuities offer a solution to the second pain point: potential loss of principal. In an era characterized by market volatility, maintaining the value of one’s nest egg is of utmost importance. Indexed annuities provide the unique advantage of participating in market gains while protecting against losses. They are linked to a market index, such as the S&P 500 Stock Index Fund, meaning the annuity’s earnings fluctuate in line with its performance. However, if the index plunges, the annuity’s value is protected – a safety floor prevents the contract value from declining.

While fixed and indexed annuities can alleviate retirees’ primary pain points, it’s important to remember that not all annuities are created equal. The vast and complex landscape is filled with varied contract features, riders, and fees that can significantly impact the potential benefits. That’s why it’s essential to seek the guidance of an annuity expert.

Annuity experts serve as navigators in this intricate field. They can clarify the nuances of different annuities, help assess risk tolerance, and align a retiree’s goals with the most suitable contract. Their insight is invaluable in designing an annuity that provides income reliability and principal protection.

Reaching out to an annuity expert should be the first step to making the most of retirement. By doing so, retirees may harness the power of fixed and indexed annuities in the best way to transform their financial future. This personalized approach to retirement planning ensures that retirees are surviving their golden years and thriving.

Annuities offer a unique solution to retirees’ financial woes. With a fixed annuity, they may secure a steady income stream that eases income uncertainty. And with an indexed annuity, they may ride the waves of market volatility without fearing a loss of their principal. But remember, these contracts are not one-size-fits-all. Engaging with an annuity expert is crucial to carve out a strategy that best fits one’s retirement goals.

  • Fixed and fixed indexed annuities offer unique solutions to the two primary financial concerns in retirement: income uncertainty and potential loss of principal. Fixed annuities provide guaranteed interest rates for predictable income, while indexed annuities allow participation in market gains and protect against losses.
  • The landscape of annuities is vast and complex, with varying features, riders, and fees. Thus, understanding and choosing the most suitable annuity contract requires expert guidance to align with a retiree’s goals and risk tolerance.
  • Engaging an annuity expert is crucial to designing an effective retirement plan. Retirees can secure their financial future and truly thrive in their golden years by harnessing the power of fixed and indexed annuities.

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About Eric Coons

With 18 years of industry experience as an independent annuities broker, Eric manages over 200 million in Fixed and Indexed annuities with clients in Arkansas, Missouri, Texas and Oklahoma.

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Annuities are a safe and reliable investment. They can transform your savings into a more predictable income. Speak with one of our qualified financial professionals today to find out how an annuity can offer you guaranteed monthly income for life.

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