A Physicians Career and Protecting Your Retirement Funds With Fixed Indexed Annuities

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Imagine the life of a physician. Many years of study, financial hardships, long time periods as a resident, then a physician has to build a practice, investing more money and dealing with government regulations. Being a physician is not for everyone, and it is a tough career choice., but for many, it is also gratifying.   

The other side of being a physician is dealing with another human’s health issues. The decisions a physician makes can affect a person’s health both for the good and the bad. Can you imagine anything worse than losing a patient? I am sure the loss is both mental as well as personal. 

·        What more could be done?

·        Was the diagnosis correct?

·        Did the physician make the best choice?

·        Were better or additional options available? 

For a physician to work his or her whole career without losing a patient would be near miraculous. There are so many variables that would make it nearly impossible not ever to lose a patient. I think of myself as a physician in a small way, I am educated, I invest in my business, I care for my clients, I deal with government regulations, and I have had to build my business. 

The difference between a physician and me is simple, the products in which we are experts. A physician is an expert in health issues, and I am an expert in risk issues. I have an advantage over the physician; I never lose any of my client’s money. Never! My clients are never left exposed or placed in a position of market loss or risk. 

How can I do that? Simple. I provide my clients with the benefits available in a Fixed Indexed Annuity. (FIA) Fixed Indexed Annuities are safe and secure and are free from market risk and loss.Being a physician is an honorable and wonderful career and a way to serve other people. Providing fixed indexed annuities is also a way to enhance a person’s life. The avoidance of market risk and the knowledge that retirement funds are safe and secure provides the same peace of mind well-placed advice from a physician enjoys. 

Being free from market risk with your retirement funds is a healthy and obtainable goal. Consider the benefits of a fixed indexed annuity.




About Bill Broich


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