Make A Plan With These Five Factors In Mind

Like the old song says "Time is on your side," or is it? The biggest question everyone has about retirement is how much income they’ll need each month. This curiosity stems out of how most people live in their pre-retirement years—living off of salaries, commissions and bonuses, and spending most of what they make each [...]

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4 Common Myths about Annuities

Myths or facts, make sure your understand the difference    Corporate media is mostly aligned against annuities. Could financial bias drive this demonization? Traditional financial institutions (Wall Street) spend vast amounts of money advertising on corporate media properties. What is the truth about annuities? How can one product be so loved and vilified at the [...]

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US Treasury Floating Notes

The recent government decision to issue “floating rate notes” (FRN) could have a dramatic and dangerous effect on our economy and our industry. The government’s plan is to issue FRN with an adjustable rate reestablished every 6 months. Instead of fixed interest rate notes, this new approach would have a variable interest rate.

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Money Management Mistakes To Avoid

Financial planning can be a challenge, which is why it is always a good idea to enlist the expertise of a skilled personal financial planner, who can help you maximize your savings strategies. Here are some of the most common money management mistakes that you should avoid in order to achieve a more successful financial future.

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Promises Made, Promises Kept: The ‘Cross Your Heart’ Investment

Wall Street made promises to all of us. They promised to provide us with products that had value and an agreed upon level of safety. They failed in that promise. The reason is very simple; they are greedy and placed their own needs and goals over the people who trusted them and their products. I happen to feel the blame is very narrow on the Wall Street category and responsibility really lies with only a handful.

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Municipal Bonds, Know Their Secrets Before Investing

Are you interested in investing in Municipal Bonds? They can provide great benefits if there benefits match up with your goals. Be careful; make sure you know how they work and how to maximize your investment and learn the disadvantages. Mutual bond do have a place in many portfolios, but use caution and make sure you fully understand the advantages and disadvantages.

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The Stock Market, The Magnificient Twenty and Volatility

Annuities » The Stock Market, The Magnificient Twenty and Volatility The theme of the fixed/indexed annuity message is safety and security. There is plenty of research and studies to back up the fact that these plans work and they work well. When you are retired, everything works completely different than when you were working. It’s like doing everything in a mirror. Money management activities become opposite to when a person is working. Safe money fixed/indexed annuity accounts grow on a guaranteed basis, with no risk, even in uncertain economies that occur from time to time.

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Your Guide To Choosing A Tax Professional

Taxes are complicated, and full of regulations and ever changing laws. Depending on your situation, your tax return may be simple, or involve a series of very detailed steps. If you don’t know what you’re doing, tackling a complicated tax return by yourself can potentially create problems, i.e. audits, and trusting a local tax preparation service isn’t always a foolproof option either. A trusted tax professional, someone whom you’ve selected and whom you feel comfortable working with, is a valuable asset

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Variable Annuities | Tips to fully understanding variable annuities

If you are considering the purchase or if you already own a variable annuity make certain you fully understand how they work. Annuities can be a good decision and they can also be your worst nightmare. The difference depends on how the benefits of a variable annuity can benefit you Listed below are 10 things to fully understand before buying a variable annuity.

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