Negative Or Just Realistic?

 Is your outlook on life negative or is it just being realistic   The other day a customer called me “negative” --- said I was “thinking too negatively about the financial markets, and that in my business I should be MORE positive.” Holy cow! Where do I begin to respond? First of all, nobody is [...]

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Should You Convert Your IRA To A ROTH IRA

If you are considering converting your IRA to a Roth IRA make sure you know the details I’ve been blessed to talk about Retirement Planning on my weekly radio show for almost a decade. My show airs four times per week on multiple stations. One of the most common questions I am repeatedly asked is, [...]

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Variable Annuity Buying Tips

Variable annuities bring many advantages to the table for investors looking for a secure and high value investment, especially for those concerned about a steady post retirement income. But with a proliferation of annuity products and issuing insurance companies competing to catch the eye of retiree investors, it becomes a lot easier if you know what you want, and more importantly, if you know what questions you need to ask.

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Is An Annuity An Annuity, Or Is An Annuity An Egg?

When is an egg not an egg?   Often, we hear about annuities and how many fees are “hidden” within them. So why would anyone consider an annuity? Annuities come in 2different sizes, those sold by stockbrokers (variable annuity) and those sold by insurance agents (fixed annuities). Annuities sold by stockbrokers are security products, annuities [...]

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Baby Boomers Love Guaranteed Income

Our product has evolved into the mainstream (or vice versa) of important retirement planning. It now offers guaranteed income riders that have changed the way retirement is planned. And yet, it was only ten years ago at a meeting in Des Moines when Sheryl Moore first suggested that a guaranteed income rider sitting on the [...]

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Are You Concerned About Leaving Your Heirs Lump Sum Money?

Can you trust your heirs with a large lump sum of money as an inheritance?   Need income and want to provide for your heirs? Here is a simple method of accomplishing both goals. Many people are very concerned about leaving a large amount of money to their children. They are worried that the funds [...]

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The Pros and Cons Of Investing and Owning Gold

Gold!  Owning it can create confidence as long as you know the Pros and Cons Throughout history, gold has easily been the most alluring of possessions. For almost ten millenniums, gold has been the standard of all financial wealth. That was also true for nearly 200 years in the United States until President Nixon removed [...]

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Joint Ownership: Does it make sense for you?

Joint ownership can be helpful as well as hurtful   Joint Ownership: Does it make sense for you? Joint ownership of assets is a way for two or more people to own shares in an asset. The asset generally is real estate but can be other property such as a brokerage account, insurance company products [...]

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Redefining The American Dream

Does the American Dream still exist for most Americans? Over the past 25 years, the net worth of U.S. households headed by an individual 34 years old or under was dropped by 31% (Pew Research Center). It's hard to imagine that with such a drastic reduction in net worth that the American Dream is still [...]

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Small Business Equipment Leasing

Leasing or purchasing, which makes more sense? Leasing required equipment to start a small business is a relatively attractive option as compared to an outright purchase. Leasing equipment provides additional tax savings, requires no down payments and bears no risk of asset value depreciation. 100% of the payment made each month for the lease is [...]

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