Keep Stock Market Risk In Perspective

As time goes by it is your personal perspective that matters   Finding stunt people over the age of 55 is rare. Jackie Chan, who holds the Guinness record for most stunts by a living actor, turns 65 next year and amazingly still does some of his own stunts. But Jackie is the exception, rather [...]

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I Am Not Going To Say It

The market is overvalued, a correction is overdue, we need a crystal ball. I’m not. Heck, I’ve said it hundreds of times already on my radio show, in my blogs, and my posts. I’ve said it hundreds of times when I met with prospective clients. “I don’t have a crystal ball, BUT…..”. Fill in the [...]

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A Christmas Card From Your Registered Investment Advisor

While you are exposed to risk in your investments, does your broker enjoy a guaranteed income from your portfolio? His income stream is called fees! It’s the week before Christmas, and the markets are tanking, and Securities Dealers should be getting a spanking. You’ve lost all the year’s gains you thought you had made, and [...]

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Is 2018 A Lost Year Financially?

2018. Are we looking at a Lost Year? 2018 was indeed a roller coaster year, and it appears that after all of the ups and downs, we will have ‘given back’ all of the gains from the start of the year and throughout the year. If you are near or already in retirement, 2018 could [...]

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Elder Abuse And Tax Scam Issues

Dont be scammed by crooks when it comes to taxes Regardless of what happens with the DOL ruling and other regulatory issues, one thing will become more and more relevant in our business. Congress, the individual states and local agencies will turn a hard focus on elder abuse. Elder abuse is increasing, at least the [...]

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The Income Gender Gap Is Stacked Against Women

For years, an income gender gap has existed between males and females. Despite enormous efforts and great successes, the income gap is causing retirement planning for women to be a hardship. Here are facts that are a source of concern. • Approximately 2 out of 5 working women earn less than $30,000 per year. • [...]

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Why Buy An IRA When An Annuity Is Better?

An annuity can provide many benefits an IRA can not The Federal Budget needs money, and spending will not go down, the deficit will increase. The federal government must find more sources of revenue through taxation. Should those saving for retirement choose an IRA? If you carefully examine the benefits of an IRA and the [...]

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I Love Annuities BUT

Love them or Hate them, let the benefits they provide speak for themselves There is a well-known Financial Planner, and you may have seen him appear on television and in print advertising, who has built his reputation by making this bold and controversial statement. “I hate annuities…”. The intent of this paper is not to [...]

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Designate A Beneficiary And Lower Probate Expense

What’s in a name? A lot if that name is a beneficiary of your annuity. Your annuity fund has the possibility of becoming a significant financial asset, one that can significantly benefit both you and your heirs in the future. Annuities, along with other financial contracts such as 401(k), life insurance policies, and IRA’s, comprise [...]

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Protect Yourself From Bank Worst Practices

How safe is YOUR wallet? Are you protecting yourself from the banks’ “worst practices?” So widespread and commonplace is 21st-century banking fraud that recent money laundering allegations leveled against Danske Bank Estonia (over $234 BILLION and counting) scarcely register as newsworthy. “Another day… another rip-off. Ho-hum” But I think we all need to start paying [...]

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