Will Your Retirement Accounts Last You To Age 117?

By Brad Pistole, Certified Financial Fiduciary® (CFF) On July 22nd, 2018, the world’s oldest person died at the age of 117. Yes, you heard me correctly, she was 117 years old. She was born in May of 1901, and her family and friends knew her as “The Goddess.” The new oldest person alive is 115 [...]

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Use The IRS Section 1035 To Find The Highest Yield For Your Annuity

The popularity of tax-deferred annuities has increased since the 1970's into a natural choice for safe money alternatives for many Americans. The primary reason is the lack of exposure to market risk and the contractual guarantees provided by these products. Many of the benefits that first attracted consumers to annuities, tax deferral, and probate avoidance, [...]

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Do We Really Need This Type Of Structure In Our Lives?

As it applies to our daily lives, the word ‘structure’ normally has a positive connotation. Merriam-Webster’s defines the word as a “coherent form or organization.” In a world that seems increasingly chaotic every day, it would be desirable then to have more coherency and organization. When it comes to planning our finances, structured notes and [...]

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Brokers – Are They Working For Their Retirement Or Yours?

Have you ever considered that sharks might be after your retirement money?   Do you ever get the feeling like you’re bleeding in the water and there are a bunch of sharks surrounding you? Many brokers are aggressive people. They will do almost anything to get your money, and some even pretend that they care [...]

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Concern Over A Bear Market Places Annuities In Demand

Bulls, bears, up, down, who knows? There are numerous indicators that the current stock market could be subject to a slip into a full-blown “Bear” market. This would convert to longer-term losses in equities as well as a significant shift in investments to bonds and annuities. With a bear market can also come exposure to [...]

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The Cost Of Prescription Drugs Can Cripple Retirement Plans

The idea behind Medicare Part D to provide a consistent and quality flow of prescription drugs to Medicare participants is causing damage to the quality of their retirement. Out of pocket costs are soaring as the cost of the drugs increases and the level of benefit provided by Medicare decreases. A recent report discovered that [...]

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You Can’t Afford Another Market Crash, Or Can You?

The truth hurts sometimes, and so what follows may sting some of you a little.  However, I owe you the truth.  Always.  (though you may not be hearing it from your financial advisor) If you are 58 or older, or nearing retirement at any age, and you need that retirement nest-egg to provide for your [...]

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Don’t Worry The Market Always Comes Back

(Private conversation between a stock broker and a client) Client: Mr. Broker, since the first of the year, my account invested with your recommendation, the Dow Jones Industrial Average has lost almost 10%, why? Broker: Don’t worry, the market always comes back. Client: Yes, but I was planning on retiring sometime this year and you [...]

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Love Pensions But Hate Annuities- Really?

As my primary business is offering Fixed and Fixed Indexed Annuities I am constantly amazed at how many people have an immediate negative reaction to the word “annuity”. So many people who call in from my radio show will ask “Are these annuities?” and from that point on it is a challenge to understand what [...]

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