The Key to Lifelong Happiness

Retirement marks a significant life change going from the accumulation phase to the distribution phase and is often accompanied by dreams of leisure, travel, and relaxation. While many individuals diligently accumulate assets throughout their working years, recent research suggests that prioritizing a stable income in retirement may be even more crucial to one’s happiness and financial security. We will briefly explore why income takes precedence over assets in retirement planning and how a fixed guaranteed income annuity can play a vital role in achieving this financial peace of mind.

The importance of income as a key to happiness in retirement cannot be overstated. Why does guaranteed income in retirement bring happiness?

So, how do these products deliver happiness and less stress?

Happiness and peace of mind often hinge on a dependable income source in retirement. While assets are undoubtedly important, they can be subject to market volatility and may not provide the financial security retirees desire. Fixed guaranteed income annuities offer a solution by providing a steady and predictable income stream, shielding retirees from market risk, and helping “insure” a comfortable and worry-free retirement. When considering retirement planning, it’s wise to prioritize income alongside your asset accumulation strategies to build a solid financial foundation for your golden years.

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