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Randy Hux Named Contributing Author for ThinkAdvisor

Randy has been named a contributing author for the admired industry publication, ThinkAdvisor. In addition to his expanding authorship, Randy is a well-known asset protection educator. He has guided thousands of seniors as they navigate their financial retirement options.

ThinkAdvisor provides registered investment advisors and financial advisors with comprehensive coverage of the products, services, and trends necessary to guide their clients in making critical wealth, health, and life decisions. We celebrate those who are adapting and succeeding in new ways, and we translate the impact of regulations and technology into digestible, shareable information so you can spend more time advising clients and running your business.

Randy Hux has been guiding people to secure their retirement and wisely invest their money, as well as provide insurance needs for over a decade. He has researched just about every type of investment opportunity for his clients, determining the best way to keep his clients from losing money in a downturn is to invest in products that provide absolute safety from market risks.

In addition to asset preservation, Randy’s education allows him the knowledge to help individuals with their estate planning needs. He is within an elite group of experts throughout the US that help individuals reduce individual taxes, provide a legacy, and secure their investments without participating in market fluctuations. That’s why he stands behind Safe Money Solutions.

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