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National Social Security Expert Heather Schreiber Expresses Concern Over Increased Medical Costs

Heather Schreiber RICP® said during an interview with USA TODAY that the congressionally approved annual Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) to Social Security may cause beneficiaries to spend more cautiously.

Schreiber went on the say that some of the COLA will be used to help cover the increase in Medicare Part B. The cost of Medicare Part B is deducted from the retiree’s Social Security check assuring the program retains the increased funds. Heather Schreiber RICP® ,the owner and founder of HLS Retirement Consulting, said that those on a fixed income have few options available to them beyond lowering their overall budget. The annual increase of 1.6% will adjust Social Security retirement payments by an average of $23.80 per month. The average national Social Security check received by retirees is $1,460 a month

“Retirees living on a fixed budget may need to consider tightening the reins in areas of nonessential spending and, if necessary, work with a reputable financial professional to help guide them in making the monies they have saved for retirement work smarter,” says Schreiber. “If you haven’t claimed Social Security yet consider waiting – though not beyond age 70 – to file for your benefits.” That way, Schreiber says, your monthly check will increase. You can learn more about what is called delayed retirement credits or DRCs at the Social Security website:

About Heather Schreiber, RICP®: With a focus on holistic planning, Heather Schreiber, RICP®, prides herself in her ability to customize potential solutions to meet the needs of each client or prospect as well as her ability to turn complex strategies into easy to understand terms.

In her 25th year in the industry, Heather has worked within the finest organizations, including Aegis Financial, Franklin Templeton Group of Funds, AXA Advisors, and SunTrust Bank. She is frequently asked to speak at industry events, radio programs, recruiting webinars, and consumer educational events on Social Security and other retirement-related topics. Heather’s breadth of knowledge extends far beyond Social Security planning. It includes retirement income distribution strategies, charitable giving, the rules that govern qualified plans and IRAs, multi-generational planning, tax mitigation techniques, and IRS reporting issues, to name a few.

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