Meet Rick Dennis

Rick Dennis, CFF (Certified Financial Fiduciary®), is the President of Conservative Retirement Solutions, LLC, a Houston-based retirement planning company. Rick started his company in 2004 after he witnessed the negative impact the stock market crash of 2000-2002 had on the retirement accounts of his fellow Baby Boomers.

Rick’s company provides financial education for people who want “safe, secure, and guaranteed” retirements and focuses on helping clients learn about financial options they may not know about – options that can:

  1. Permanently eliminate stock market losses.
  2. Provide a guaranteed “paycheck for life.”
  3. Save money on their taxes.

Conservative Retirement Solutions assists clients in creating retirement plans that provide guaranteed lifetime incomes and guarantees of no stock market losses. This is accomplished by only using financial products that are issued by “legal reserve” life insurance companies.

Rick enjoys singing with the Houston Tidelanders, a men’s barbershop chorus, and is a diehard Houston Astros fan. He is married, 44 years now, with two grown children.


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