Jeff D Sather

Meet Jeff D Sather

Jeff D. Sather founded Cornerstone Legacy Partners, an insurance consulting firm specializing in asset-based long-term care insurance. With nearly a decade of experience in the industry, Jeff has worked with some of the nation’s top financial advisors, agents, CPAs, CFPs, and estate planning attorneys. He has earned the nickname “The Most Successful Wholesale Marketer of Hybrid LTCi” due to his extensive work with these professionals. Jeff has also partnered with Roy Snarr Retirement Solutions and the Snarr Agent Academy to help run the Long-Term Care division, which assists thousands of agents and clients annually.
Jeff is passionate about helping people obtain crucial retirement coverage. His training program, “Jeff’s Notes,” thoroughly explains the “What” and “How” of long-term care insurance. He is on a mission to ensure that no family has to go through the pain of losing their home and assets to cover long-term care costs, as he witnessed his family live through.

Proudly, Jeff served on the External Advisory Board for One America, AKA State Life Insurance Co, one of the largest long-term care insurance providers, for two years. He has also consulted with multiple carriers in the industry on how to improve their products, including three insurance companies that are entering into the long-term care insurance space. Jeff was a key catalyst for Nationwide Insurance in designing a qualified funding approach for their Hybrid Long Term Care products.

He has guided hundreds of top financial advisors, agents, CPAs, and attorneys nationwide to position well over $100,000,000 in asset-based LTCi. In addition to being an industry influencer, Jeff brings his expertise to individual families across the country, assisting them with asset protection and long-term care strategies.

Jeff has created a proven Agency training system called “Jeff’s Notes” focused on educating clients and advisors about asset protection and how to preserve their legacies. Jeff’s Notes has become one of the most sought-after solutions for asset protection and Long-Term Care solutions in the nation. Jeff is passionate about revealing all the secrets to his success, including the strategies, marketing tools, and sales presentations he employs to create this incredibly consistent production!

Jeff resides in Indiana with his bride of 31 years, Wendy. They spend their free time playing tennis, and Jeff is also an avid golfer. Jeff’s wife and daughter are loyal Packers fans, while Jeff and his two sons are loyal Vikings fans, which sometimes gets interesting as the house is divided. They have three incredible adult children that they are incredibly proud of! One of the most interesting challenges Jeff and Wendy ever took on was teaching Sunday School together for Pre-K 4 & 5-year-olds!

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