Garrett Burrow

Meet Garrett Burrow

Since 2017, Garrett Burrow has been helping and protecting people. He knows everyone’s needs are different and creates unique plans for all his clients. Specializing in the Asset Protection and Long-Term Care Division, Garrett works with a multitude of agents and insurance carriers to ensure he can custom-tailor the best policies for each individual.

As an Asset Protection Specialist, Garrett builds personalized plans to ensure lifetime income streams in retirement. He provides options that take the guesswork out of planning for the future.

As a CLTC designee, Garrett offers comprehensive long-term care planning strategies. Whether we are reallocating assets in a retirement portfolio, using asset-based strategies and life insurance hybrids, or purchasing Home Healthcare, there is a plan for everyone, regardless of income.  

Garrett Burrow is a double-major graduate of The University of California, Berkeley, holding a B.A. in Philosophy and a B.A. in Linguistics. He spends his spare time in his home library or out in nature. He is an avid traveler and even made it down to Antarctica!! Before plunging into the insurance world, Garrett ran and managed a bar for over a decade. He’s accustomed to meeting people from all walks of life and makes a mean drink.

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