Dave & Kendra Rone

Meet Dave & Kendra Rone

Dave & Kendra Rone have enjoyed hosting various community education workshops and events throughout their ten years in the insurance and annuity industry. Their greatest benefit has been keeping in touch with the concerns and questions of their customers as they approach and plan for their respective retirements. Above all else, they have found that their service is uniquely tailored to educate individuals about the current environment in the retirement landscape to better prepare them for the complexities that lie ahead.

Their specialty is custom tailoring retirement planning solutions that are shielded from market risk, which provide safety and create an income that cannot be outlived. Their clients greatly appreciate access to the tools that allow them to properly protect their assets, which Dave & Kendra expertly provide.

This venture has allowed them to focus on what they treasure most: the opportunity to serve and give back to their community by helping countless families realize their retirement dreams.

Dave and Kendra have run their own local business in Pocatello for the last 20 years and thus understand just how important it is to have a plan in place to keep things running smoothly. Their primary goal is to help families feel protected and sure in these trying times.

Their greatest joy is spending time with their family, including a lovely daughter, four sons, and a new daughter-in-law. As a hometown couple at heart, they have loved the opportunity to return to their roots and raise their family here in the great state of Idaho with all that it offers. Whether camping, hiking, fishing, rock climbing, or skiing, they love it all. They feel so blessed to call Idaho their home.

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