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Legal White Collar Thievery (Free eBook Download)

Get answers to these 19 financial questions and more

  1. Make sure you agree with the fees and expenses your bank is charging you.
  2. Learn the secret of CD rollovers instigated under the Reagan Administration, you CAN earn higher interest!
  3. Are you paying maintenance fees on your savings account at the bank? You don’t have to!
  4. Do you have overdraft protection at your bank? Be careful!
  5. Make your bank send you their list of fees in writing!
  6. Have you ever wondered why brokers LOVE the long form prospectus when you are buying a security?
  7. Is financial planner earning money on your account and you have 100% of the risk? Find out!
  8. Did you know you can ask the government to show you the fees you are paying on mutual funds?
  9. Have you ever heard of 12 b-1 fees? You better find out about them!
  10. Is your mutual fund tax efficient? Time to learn.
  11. Do you know your broker’s motto?
  12. If you own mutual funds, are you paying extra fees? Find out!
  13. Are you accepting risk that should have been passed to a risk bearer?
  14. Are your health insurance out of pocket costs increasing?
  15. Do you know the original name for “junk” bonds?
  16. If you own an annuity, did you choose the good one or the bad one?
  17. Do you know who is the guarantor of certain annuities? Make sure yours is!
  18. Are you paying your financial planner a fee and allowing them also earn commissions? Better find out!
  19. Are you informed? Smart people are!

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