Meet Ashok Ramji CLU: Bellevue

Ashok Ramji CLU has been focused on the financial services industry for over twenty years. With his background focused on stocks and bonds, both on the sell-side (with a securities brokerage firm) and the buy-side (with a hedge fund).

Understanding the high risk of the stock market, Ashok has refocused on Safe Money retirement strategies, exploring ways to protect retirement assets, increase income, and protect against potential losses from the markets, the economy, health circumstances, taxes, or other uncertainties of life.

Ashok obtained his undergraduate degree from UCLA and recently completed and awarded his Chartered Life Underwriter certification.


Meet Betty Arellano: Olympia

Looking for Safe Money options? Betty Arellano has that specifically in mind with her new and existing clients. Betty has helped guide her clients over the past 30 years through a process of consultations and recommendations which ended with lifetime guaranteed income streams, guaranteed safety, and growth of money including IRA and 401k Accounts, avoidance of probate at death and transferring wealth to heirs with ease and protection from over taxation. She specializes in showing you how to keep your retirement funds safe and growing and then turn those same funds into income when needed.

In her off time, Betty and her husband Rudy enjoy the wonders of the Pacific Northwest.


Meet Shon Peil: Spokane

Shon Peil has spent the past 15 years in the insurance and annuity industry, where he finds great joy in helping clients protect their retirement assets while building their financial legacies for future generations.

Shon started his career working with other retirement professionals around the country, teaching them how they could help their clients optimize their Social Security benefits and retirement income. Today, he works with Retirement + clients to build relationships and work toward financial independence.

Shon hosts the weekly “Retirement +” radio show, which can be heard in all corners of Washington.

Shon finds his most important purpose in being a husband and a father. He and his wife, Hillary, have three sons and a daughter. Outside of the office, he enjoys following college football, coaching his kids’ teams, and spending summer days at the family’s lake cabin.


Meet Mark Coker: Mount Vernon

As the founder of Sage Financial Trust, Mark’s goal is to provide wealth management and insurance advising, guiding each client to achieve their individual financial goals. Sage Financial Trust educates and counsels clients through every financial decision to ensure they do not outlive their savings and investments.








Meet Jay Winestein: Everett

Jay has been a resident of King County for over 25 years. His practice serves many 100s of individuals to meet and surpass their retirement and estate planning objectives.

He focuses on using the Internal Revenue Codes to reduce Federal and State taxes in retirement down to the least amount possible under the law, while also developing and protecting income streams to last a lifetime.

With our changing world and for your protection, all consultations are done via phone calls and computer screen share technology.






Meet Dave Barr: Tri-Cities

Dave Barr, CLU, is a native Hoosier. He grew up in northern Indiana, attended a trade school in Indianapolis, and was a journeyman diesel mechanic until his mid-20s when an opportunity in the field of financial services presented itself. In early 1984, Dave moved his family to the Seattle, WA metro area where they lived for nearly 25 years. Seeking a more simple pace of life, they relocated to eastern Washington in 2008.






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