Meet Dan Barnard: Newport News


Dan Barnard has been in the Financial Services field since 1988 and is a licensed, Independent Financial Advisor.





Meet H. Ray Walker: Altavista

H. Ray Walker and his wife, Kathy, have three grown children and reside in AltaVista, Virginia. Ray has helped clients protect millions of dollars in retirement assets.

Ray’s goal is to provide retirees and pre-retirees with the proper information, tools, and guidance to enable them to manage and protect their financial assets for a worry-free retirement.






Meet Scott Schuett

Scott’s professional career began over two decades ago. The lessons Scott has learned during his career have provided invaluable for his new career within the financial services, retirement planning, and asset protection, and he found his new career from his experience after the stock market crash of 2000. with a loss of income and devastation of his 401(k).

This led Scott to begin his education in the world of financial services and begin his practice. Scott focuses on Safe Money Strategies and Asset Protection. He has now been within the financial services industry during several of the most volatile times in American History. Scott is proud that his clients have never lost any money from their retirement plans.





Meet Jeff Dietz: Richmond

Jeff’s primary focus is in creating a secure, stress-free, and tax-free retirement for his clients.He’s on a professional mission to help as many individuals as possible remove the needless risks of the stock market we have all been told that we must endure to have a successful retirement and to keep the sticky and greedy fingers of taxes off of his clients’ hard-earned money, both while they’re working and – even more importantly – during their retirement years.

As a Retirement Income Certified Professional, Jeff works with his clients to not only build their retirement nest egg, but to also create an optimal strategy to manage the often-mismanaged distribution phase.  Conventional financial advice is geared almost exclusively towards the accumulation of assets, which is of course very important, but there’s very little emphasis on how to manage those resources in retirement such that taxes are minimized and people can sleep well at night without worrying about each and every stock market gyration so they can live a fulfilling retirement without running out of money before they run out of life.



Meet Jack Dickerson: Northern, Eastern, & Central Virginia

Jack Dickerson founded Dickerson Life and Annuity Masters 20 years ago with the desire to bring honest, quality business to his clients. He attended Emory and Henry College and, after graduation, attended The American College of Financial Services. Dickerson Life and Annuity Masters later merged with Cavalier Mortgage Protection Services. Since its founding, Dickerson Life and Annuity Masters have helped thousands of individuals with life insurance, mortgage protection, and Medicare planning, among other services. His years of experience have provided him with the skills and knowledge necessary to provide aid to clients in Virginia.




Meet Gary Stewart: Glen Allen

Gary Stewart is a highly accomplished Financial Consultant and host of the weekly financial radio show, Safe Money and Income Radio Show, a program dedicated to addressing the needs of retirees to plan and protect their retirement.

As a retirement and income planning specialist, Gary has spent over 40 years assisting retirees and those near retirement in protecting their savings, reducing income taxes, and taxes on Social Security benefits as well as creating retirement income guaranteed to last a lifetime. Gary has extensive knowledge in retirement planning, portfolio and asset management, insurance, and real estate. Gary’s expertise coupled with a keen sense of the financial markets grew his client base in the thousands.





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