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Meet Chad Owen in Austin, TX

Eagle Shadow Life & Annuity specializes in retirement and asset protection. As the host of Safe Money Radio, author of the Safe Money Book, and nationwide presenter of safe money concepts, Chad Owen enjoys helping people all across the nation protect their retirement money.

Chad Owen says, “Over the years we have helped people protect millions of dollars in retirement assets, and not one of those people have ever lost a penny from market downturns. There is something truly wonderful about being able to help people have peace about their financial future.” Chad can sleep at night with the comfort of knowing their client’s retirement funds are protected. They desire to give you that same peace of mind.

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Meet Roy Snarr in Austin, TX

“Throughout my career I have helped hundreds of families and business owners create strategic plans that identify personal and business goals. I make it my priority to deliver beyond my client’s expectations by helping them strategize the best solutions based on their needs.” Roy Snarr

My dedication and passion has enabled me to build a successful and recognized business and to become a part of the most pristine association of financial professionals, the Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT). An international organization consisting of the top 1% of licensed financial professionals. As a part of my ever-growing financial education I serve as a local Board member for the Society of Financial Services Professionals (FSP). I hold an LACP designation; Life and Annuity Certified Professional.

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Meet Tim Davis CLU in Katy, TX

The founder of Davis Capital Corp. is Tim Davis, CLU, CEBS. He has had a successful insurance career that spans over 30 years. Tim focuses his attention on people who want a safe and secure retirement.

His extensive insurance background in all areas of insurance covering human capital, as well as being a successful entrepreneur uniquely qualify him to lead a team to strategically design and place insurance plans for a broad spectrum of needs, both personal and corporate.

Tim is a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin with a BBA in finance. He also earned the Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU) designation from the American College of Financial Services and the Certified Employee Benefit Specialist (CEBS) certification from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and the International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans.

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Meet Michael Masor in Katy, TX

Michael specializes in protecting his clients’ finances and guiding them to reach their goals. As the owner of Clearwater Financial Group, proudly independent, he contracts with multiple companies to provide the best products to his clients

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Meet David Duston in Dallas, TX & Fort Worth, TX

David Duston, founder of MoneyWorks – DFW, LLC, has helped others learn how money works for many years and serves as a strong advocate and leader in teaching financial literacy concepts. He holds his Life and Health License in Texas. His safe money and income strategies help clients save millions for retirement when using accounts that will defer, reduce, or even eliminate their taxes during market gains and, more importantly, when markets collapse.

David has years of experience helping with business and personal finance, business consulting, retail, marketing, and professional networking. David’s keen insight and understanding provide a foundation for strategically designing and implementing client solutions with integrity.

Meet Derrick Loflin statewide in Texas

Derrick Loflin specializes in helping individuals and families prepare financially for retirement with the proper Safe Income Planning Strategies, educating clients on options to generate more retirement income and how to not only securely protect their money but also provide strategies to grow their money during uncertain economic environments.   

Derrick’s career in the Financial and Insurance Industry started a few years before the 2008 economic crash. He has more than 15 years of experience helping people protect and grow their money. Derrick has assisted hundreds of individuals and couples over his career by creating a solid financial foundation, as well as generating a secure retirement income that they cannot outlive.  

Meet Rick Dennis in Houston, Texas

Rick Dennis, CFF (Certified Financial Fiduciary®), is the President of Conservative Retirement Solutions, LLC, a Houston-based retirement planning company. Rick started his company in 2004 after he witnessed the negative impact the stock market crash of 2000-2002 had on the retirement accounts of his fellow Baby Boomers.

Rick’s company provides financial education for people who want “safe, secure, and guaranteed” retirements and focuses on helping clients learn about financial options they may not know about.

During his professional career, Rick has taught numerous classes about current events and how they affect an individual’s retirement. Rick advocates a common-sense approach to financial planning and believes that the necessary money should be kept safe and secure.

Meet Adam Howard statewide in Texas

Adam Howard NSSA® is an independent financial professional who is dedicated to helping clients with the four pillars of retirement planning: health, wealth, legacy, and long-term care. Seeing his father lose his health, business, and family home in the crash of 2007 has empowered Adam to help others prepare for the unexpected.

As the Founder and President of Lifeway Retirement Solutions, he brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to his clients, providing them with customized solutions to Medicare, retirement, and legacy planning.

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Meet Jack Whittaker statewide in Texas

Jack Whittaker has been providing financial services since 1986. He worked for a Fortune 500 company for 21 years before founding Carolina Benefits Group, where he specializes in helping clients pursue financial independence. Jack’s tenure was marked by an impressive 16-year consecutive appointment to the Chairman’s advisory board and 12 consecutive years as the number-one in sales.

At Carolina Benefits Group, Jack and his team provide retirement strategies, income planning, legacy and life insurance planning, Medicare supplement insurance, long-term care, and Estate Planning. With 44 years of marriage and two adult children, and four grandchildren, Jack is committed to helping others achieve financial independence and has built a successful agency.

Meet Charles Cardenas III in Rio Grande Valley, South Texas

Charles Cardenas’s philosophy and that of the RPS Retirement Planning Systems of South Texas act in the client’s best interest. His clientele includes healthcare professionals, state and federal employees, business owners, and blue-collar workers. Charles understands that his clients are concerned about protecting their hard-earned assets and are extremely worried about possibly running out of money during their retirement years. RPS’s goal is for every client and their families to have sufficient income during retirement and to pass on family assets to the next generation efficiently through proper estate planning.

Meet Bobby Rouse statewide in Texas

Bobby brings over 40 years of insurance experience and knowledge to his clients. He is a Certified Financial Fiduciary, currently licensed for health, life insurance, and annuities sales and marketing. His responsibilities have included Marketing and sales to individuals and groups, Working with multiple decision-makers at various levels to secure accounts, and Performing dual role functions of business-to-business and business-to-consumer sales. In the most recent 20 years, he has managed and grown his existing client base, concentrating on retirement income.

The Rouse Group, Inc. assists investors in multiple states age 45+ to preserve their capital, increase their income, and more profitably organize their investments. People who consult Bobby find they lower their tax bills by as much as 30%, eliminate taxes on their social security income, and obtain better protection for their financial future. The Rouse Group, Inc. works only with “safe” money strategies, never subject to market loss!