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Meet Robert Layman statewide in South Carolina

Robert (Bob) Layman III of Legacy Today Consulting, Inc. has helped more than 245 clients grow their wealth without the risk or volatility of stocks, mutual funds, and other traditional volatile investments.

Bob helps his clients take control of their finances with safety and liquidity to live without stress and anxiety and reach their goals and dreams. That is why his clients think of him as their “secret weapon,” helping them build and safeguard their wealth.

In the first 20 years and two security licenses, Bob did experience the stress of helping families with investment and 401 k’s. Seeing that timely goals were often derailed with unexpected market corrections, Bob discontinued his Series 6 and 63 business into a “Safe Planning Only” business. He sponsored “Estate Planning Trust Seminars” and “focused on products” that delivered predictable results specifically for today’s need for “Safe Planning,” you can depend on when you need it.

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Meet Tim Ferguson statewide in South Carolina

Over the last 16 years, Tim has had the pleasure of working with thousands of clients. They all speak highly of his integrity, humility, professional knowledge, and laid-back demeanor, which resonated with them upon meeting with him and throughout the transaction process. His tremendous love and passion are very apparent as he helps to provide all his clients with the necessary financial and insurance planning tools to ensure against any unexpected future life event. This proactive approach makes sure that existing and future generations will inherit a sense of financial stability.

He and his team of experts welcome the opportunity to earn the trust of anyone looking for assistance with qualified plan rollovers (IRA,401K,403b, and TSP), long term care protection/planning, asset protection with no market risks, retirement income planning, life insurance/family legacy planning, tax-free income strategies, Medicare supplemental insurance, social security maximization, etc. Once you schedule a meeting with Tim, you too will have a much better idea of how he can help you address any of the issues you have concerns about and the best solutions to give you the peace of mind you innately deserve.

Meet David McMurray statewide in South Carolina

David is a North Carolina native and graduate of Appalachian State University, where he received his MBA. He has over 35 years of broad-ranging experience in the financial services industry. David started as a licensed life insurance agent and registered representative focusing on investment advice and estate planning. He built a regional brokerage general agency as a Master General Agent. He also spent time at the home office of AIG American General in Houston as the National Director of Leveraged products for the Affluent Markets Group.

David now owns The Cardinal Financial Group focusing on providing guaranteed lifetime inflation hedged income plans for his clients. They are located in Waxhaw, NC, just outside Charlotte. David believes in safe money investments, particularly as one inches closer and closer to their retirement years. “Guaranteeing an income you cannot outlive is paramount to retiring stress-free, especially during these times of vast instability in the financial markets.”