Meet Stephen Dybwad 

Stephen is an independent financial advisor who believes the true art of financial guidance is not so much in the accumulation of assets but is in the preservation and distribution of those assets. Steve has been providing highly individualized financial guidance to clients across the nation for over 30 years. He is a popular speaker and lecturer and has formed several strategic alliances with accountants, attorneys, and other professionals to bring a multi-disciplined approach to the planning process.

“I am well into my 4th decade of helping individuals from all walks of life prepare for and travel through this thing we call retirement. During that time, the strategies, assumptions, products, technologies, and tools of my trade have changed dramatically. The ideas my clients have regarding retirement have changed dramatically as well. The only thing that has not changed in the last 35+ years is that almost everything continues to change.





Meet Rusty Miller: Troy

Rusty Miller is dedicated to providing professional and consistent advisory services while demonstrating honesty, integrity, and empathy. His top objective is peace of mind in all of our relationships.

“Our goal, as investment advisor representatives, is to educate individuals on the aspects of retirement planning, estate planning, and money management. The more a person understands about his or her particular situation, the more comfortable they will be when making important decisions.” Rusty Miller

Rusty hosts his radio show, Safe Money Radio, weekly, on WHIO

Rusty is married to his wife Debbie for 35 years and has two children Alexis and Austin, along with two dogs Carson and Murphy. He has lived in the Troy area his entire life and is a member of a local Board of Education. He is a member of Troy Lions Club and the M.E. Education Foundation.


Meet Rodney Peters: Westerville

As an Investment Advisory Representative at Eastwind Capital Wealth Management, Rodney’s focus is on educating clients about retirement income.  Rodney comes from a tight-knit family, where he learned the importance of taking care of those around him. His clients are like family to him, always looking for opportunities to improve their financial situation.

Rodney is a graduate of The Ohio State University with a degree in Economics, and his education includes a Retirement Income Certified Professional (RICP) designate.  He serves on the board oat the Rotary Club and volunteers for a local Grassroots charity for terminally ill children (A Kid Again).

Rodney is married to Mackenzie, and having two young sons, Bennett and Bowen, certainly make for an active home life.





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