Meet Randy Hux in Lafayette, LA

Randy Hux has been teaching individuals how to secure their retirement and wisely invest their money, as well as provide insurance needs for over ten years. In addition to asset preservation, Randy also can help individuals with their estate planning needs. He is part of an elite group of experts throughout the country that help individuals reduce their individual taxes, provide their future generations with legacies, and secure their investments without participating in market fluctuations. That’s why it’s called Safe Money Solutions.

Randy is an Investment Advisor and has a degree in Finance from Texas A&M University. He was also a CPA at Ernst & Young in Houston, Texas. Married to his beautiful wife, Tina, and they live in Lafayette, Louisiana. Randy has two children that he adores, one who serves in the U.S. Army. He also has two step (bonus) children that he cherishes as well. Randy is the Vice President of Public Affairs for http://warriorbonfireprogram.org, which is for combat veterans that have been wounded in combat operations. He enjoys traveling, learning, reading, staying fit, history, all sports (especially baseball), and follows the teachings of Jesus.

Meet Jack Branch in Covington, LA

Jack Branch has been an advisor in Louisiana since 2001 helping clients plan their objectives, clearly identifying the risks that inhibit those goals from becoming a reality, and putting together a custom plan for each client. Jack has been recognized nationally and locally as a top advisor to professionals, CPA’s, business owners, and entrepreneurs seeking a holistic plan not just a boiler plate one size fits all plan.

His work history, before he began with the financial industry, gives a fresh outlook on things to look at versus having been in only one industry throughout his entire career. Jack is a graduate from the University of Tennessee in Knoxville and lives in Covington with his wife, Renee. He is an active member of Northshore Bible Church in Covington, avid fisherman, husband, father, and active supporter of JH Ranch and Band of Brothers initiatives. Jack and Renee have three children; faith and family are the foundation of his values.

Meet Donna McElroy in Metairie, LA

Donna began in the financial business as a part-time teller at a local bank in 1991. She was quickly given several promotions as her dedication to customers’ needs was apparent and appreciated. Unfortunately, the bank was bought out, which changed Donna’s trajectory to seek out an education to obtain her insurance license, she started her firm, she’s the current president of Financial Investment Services.

Donna thrives on making a difference for her clients, securing their financial needs. Not just focused on Annuities and Life Insurance but with all retirement and financial needs as well. Ensuring a safe retirement for her clients gives her more joy than any amount of money ever could.