Meet Daniel Van Patten: Boise

Daniel Van Patten, the founder of Assure Financial Service, has been helping retirees and those nearing retirement for over a Decade. His safe money strategies have saved his clients millions of dollars during the market collapse. Dan’s dedication to Faith and Family is the foundation for his commitment to helping his clients achieve financial security. He has helped people from all walks of life realize their financial goals.

“I enjoy working with people. I take great pride in working with my clients and their families to ensure their retirement goals are met, and their futures are secure. I look forward to working with you.” Dan Van Patten

Dan and his family reside in the Boise, Idaho area. With the beauty of the mountains, lakes, and a variety of outdoor activities, Idaho is an ideal location.



Meet Jim Junge: Star

Jim Junge’s career in the financial services industry has spanned nearly 20 years, with an emphasis on the Federal Market since 2009. His primary focus is on retirement income planning and structuring one’s federal benefits to decrease expenses and maximize income for the future.

As a speaker and published author on a variety of retirement income topics, both for the private sector and for federal employees, Jim stresses the importance of financial education through his writings and the seminars he offers. At the core of his philosophy and business approach is the belief that “retirement money should not be put at risk…nor does it have to be to get what you need.”

Jim founded the Benefit Services Group in 2006 to offer a variety of financial service products to his clients. He is A+ rated with the Better Business Bureau and takes great pride in his availability and service to all his customers.



Meet Billy Moreland: Hayden

Although his entire family chose the medical field, Billy chose business and finance. At the age of 20, he had a mentor who taught him to work hard and always do the right thing for his clients. As a result, Billy has grown Safe Wealth Advisors into a successful retirement planning practice with over 3,000 satisfied clients.

Billy is a proud father of four and happily married to his lovely wife, Heidi. They live in beautiful North Idaho and enjoy an active, adventurous lifestyle. Billy enjoys his clients and friends, and many of his clients have become lifelong friends.








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