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Meet Michael Lehrhaupt in Shelton, CT

For over two decades, Michael and his wife Laura have been able to help thousands of clients protect their assets and income due to risks they may face in retirement. Along with their Strategies for Retirement team, they are committed to helping people achieve financial peace of mind for their lifetimes.

The Strategies for Retirement team is committed to providing a sound, holistic financial plan for retirement, including well-defined strategies addressing such issues as longevity, market volatility, and unexpected life events.

Meet Gary A Szewczyk in Middletown, CT

Gary A Szewczyk started The Life Planning Retirement Group over 16 years ago and has been helping individuals and their families protect their financial futures. Gary has a wealth of experience in the life and financial services planning arena.

Born of Polish Heritage, he started his working career at age 11 on a farm, learning the core values of life. He worked his way through high school and college and knows first-hand what it is to work hard, overcome challenges, and persevere.

Gary has worked directly with pre-retirees and retirees, business owners, and professionals, providing alternative safe solutions for their retirement needs.