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Meet Nathan Frederico in Tucson, AZ

Nathan brings over a decade of experience as an investment analyst and portfolio manager for an investment advisory firm. His dissatisfaction with the world of stock market volatility and high investment advisor fees led him to value the unique Safe Money Strategies.

An entrepreneur at heart, Nathan founded and sold a successful business in Southern Arizona. His passion for seizing financial opportunities helps his clients to capitalize on retirement income and wealth protection principles.

Agave Wealth Advisors specializes in bringing financial security to their Southern Arizona clients who enjoy a unique and attractive blend of financial safety with no stock market risk, upside growth potential, unique tax advantages, and guaranteed lifetime income options.

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Meet Adam Rosendahl in Phoenix, AZ

Since 2008, Adam has built his career around securing the most important tool in retirement: income. This seemingly simple concept actually encompasses many industries, and Adam is committed to educating and servicing his clients in the areas of tax planning, estate planning, income planning, and long-term care planning. As a Certified Medicaid Planner™, he is uniquely qualified to balance the complexities of income planning while maintaining eligibility for federal programs that may save families potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars in the event of an extended stay in a nursing home.

Adam’s pro-active and comprehensive approach to many retirement issues has allowed clients all over the country to have the peace of mind of knowing that their income will be guaranteed to last through their lifetime, regardless of poorly performing markets, unpredictable inflation, or untimely health issues. This allows his clients to spend more time planning ways to enjoy their retirement years rather than worrying about funding their retirement years.