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Dave Mello Honored With Prestigious Invitation


Dave Mello, Reno, Nevada, has accepted an invitation to become an “Invited Author” on the financial website, https://www.annuity.com. Dave now joins an elite group of financial experts who share information about approaching retirement without market risk by authoring meaningful and useful articles focused on those retired or about to retire.

Dave’s greatest joy as an Elder Planning Advisor and Mature Asset Specialist is to see his clients living a comfortable and secure retirement free from financial threats. Many Seniors seek advice amidst an unexpected catastrophic loss that costs them their life savings and threatens their assets. Others have witnessed these dangers, and, with my help, they were able to avoid it.

Whether you are concerned about outliving your retirement, paying too much Social Security tax, protecting yourself from nursing home “spend-down” or preserving your assets for future generations, please use me as a trusted source.

Dave is passionate about his work with Seniors, and his goal is to educate and inform each client so they feel confident in the decisions that will shape their future.

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707 Mount Rose Street
Reno, NV 98509

(775) 851-4754


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