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Throughout over 48 years in the financial services industry, Steve has focused on each client’s goals and ambitions and has matched them up with the best possible financial planning options. Web Site:
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Which Bucket Of Money Do I Use First?

Most people who have saved for retirement, college or just an emergency fund, have assets in several different investments, I like to think of each of these as buckets.  Buckets of money.  Once the time comes to consider which bucket to use first, many options arise.  If you have qualified money in a bucket (IRA [...]

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        Time: That period between which something happens or exists. It is measurable, it is meaningful, it rules our daily lives, each second, minute, hour, and day…usually kept track of via a time instrument, a watch, a clock, or a calendar.  Virtually everything is a measurement of time.  Time can be referred [...]

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How Many Acres Must I Own?

  A new rule exacted by the Department of Labor governing financial advice provided by advisors has thrown the industry into a state of confusion and disarray.  The "Fiduciary Rule" went into effect June 9, 2017, however, any enforcement of the rule has been delayed until January 2018.  New DOL Commissioner Acosta has indicated the [...]

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Variable Annuity Sales Take Another Big Hit

Variable annuity sales are headed for their lowest annual sales in nearly two decades, since the mid 90’s, as their multi-year slide continues.  Broker dealers have been running from the current trend in “transparency” of products, and are now turning to products with stronger guarantees: fixed indexed annuities. (FIA) Sales of variable annuities are down [...]

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Avoid Identity Theft; Learn How to Recognize Phishing Scams

Simply ask for it. That’s the easiest way for an identity thief to steal your personal information. Each day, people fall victim to phishing scams through emails, texts or phone calls and mistakenly turn over important data. In turn, cybercriminals try to use that data to file fraudulent tax returns or commit other crimes. The [...]

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