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Lisa Cassidy is known for educating and supporting clients as they develop an understanding of strategies that preserve retirement money and create income in both rising and falling markets. With a passion for listening, she is quickly attuned to the challenges clients face in retirement guiding and helping them to make decisions that ensure they will have lifetime income. Web Sites: |
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Lies My Financial Advisor Told Me.

Lies my financial advisor told me, or How I stopped worrying about “yields” and started loving my guarantees… "It's not how much money you make, but how much money you keep, how hard it works for you, and how many generations you keep it for." --Robert Kiyosaki-( Rich Dad, Poor Dad)  The 21st-century financial world [...]

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Protect Yourself From Bank Worst Practices

How safe is YOUR wallet? Are you protecting yourself from the banks’ “worst practices?” So widespread and commonplace is 21st-century banking fraud that recent money laundering allegations leveled against Danske Bank Estonia (over $234 BILLION and counting) scarcely register as newsworthy. “Another day… another rip-off. Ho-hum” But I think we all need to start paying [...]

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Five Reasons Women Should Consider Annuities For Retirement

5 reasons women should consider using annuities to create more prosperous, less stressful retirements If you’re a woman in or near retirement, let me ask you this: “How do plan to take what you’ve so diligently saved and turn it into a lifetime stream of dependable, predictable, tax-advantaged income?” If you’re like many of us, [...]

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