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Jeff works the old fashioned way that he started off working 45 years ago. He will come to your house and sit down with you and your spouse, around the kitchen table and review your situation in detail. There is no charge for this consultation and he only ask that if you like his ideas and suggestions and he offers products and services that would work for you, that you do business with him and refer him to your friends and associates. Fair enough? If so, give Jeff a call @ 205-222-2487 for a no obligation consultation. Websites: kennedyfinancialcenter.com | jeffkennedy.retirevillage.com

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What Is Capital Preservation, And How Can You Achieve It?

"If you're approaching retirement and have a low risk tolerance, a capital preservation strategy may be your best option."- Jeff Kennedy People who are approaching retirement or are already retired typically find that their desire to take on more risk has lessened considerably. This aversion to risk is why many seniors choose more conservative investment [...]

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