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As a retirement and income planning specialist, Gary has spent over 40 years assisting retirees and those near retirement in protecting their savings, reducing income taxes, and taxes on Social Security benefits as well as creating retirement income guaranteed to last a lifetime. Gary has extensive knowledge in retirement planning, portfolio and asset management, insurance, and real estate. Gary’s expertise coupled with a keen sense of the financial markets grew his client base in the thousands. Website: stewartwealthadvisors.com

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Do you use third-party payment apps? Be aware of new IRS reporting requirements.

"You didn't get a deduction for that bedroom set when you bought it. But if you sell it at a garage sale, you might wind up with a tax bill unless you're careful"- Gary Stewart Starting January 1, 2022, anyone receiving $600 or more in payments for goods and services through third-party payment companies (Paypal, [...]

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If You Still Work, Should You Consider Buying Disability Insurance?

"Protecting your paycheck is a crucial consideration. Don't underestimate the impact an income-disrupting injury or illness could have on your retirement plans."- Gary Stewart   Is your paycheck protected? An essential asset most Americans possess is the ability to work and earn a paycheck. So, what happens if you lose your ability to make a [...]

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Is the “4% Rule” the Gospel truth or wishful thinking?

After running multiple scenarios against actual financial market returns and inflation rates between 1926 and 1992, personal finance guru William Bengen articulated the well-known "4% Rule". Bengen was surprised to discover that, despite stock market crashes and economic downturns, portfolios with 50% equities and 50% bonds did not typically run out of money for 30 [...]

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