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With 18 years of industry experience as an independent annuities broker, Eric manages over 200 million in Fixed and Indexed annuities with clients in Arkansas, Missouri, Texas and Oklahoma. Website: kaleidoscopeannuity.com

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What Is A “Glide Path” Formula, And What Should You Know?

It's more or less a given that the asset allocation of a person's retirement portfolio should evolve as they age. Many advisors use the glide path formula to achieve the appropriate balance." Eric Coons Thousands of advisors use an investment strategy known as the "glide path" to adjust the mix of investments in their clients' [...]

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Could Passively Investing In Real Estate Help You Enjoy A Better Retirement?

"For certain people within 7-10 years of retirement, adding real estate to create passive income makes sense. Just be sure you have a well-thought-out game plan before you wade in." Eric Coons The closer many of us get to retiring, the more we desire investment alternatives that can help ease some of the sting caused by [...]

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What Is A Short-Selling Squeeze

"Depending on to whom you listen, the recent GameStop "short squeeze" affair will have little to no impact on long-term investors, or… it will change everything."-Eric Coons If you saw the film The Big Short, starring Christian Bale, then you have undoubtedly heard of the standard Wall Street practice of "short selling." While there are [...]

Does The Calculation “120 Minus Your Age” Make Sense Anymore?

"For years, pre-retirees have been told to follow a "120 minus your age" investing formula. But, do dramatic shifts in the economic landscape make that advice obsolete?" Eric Coons A fundamental principle for an investor is the gradual reduction of risk as you approach retirement age. It makes sense because retirees generally don't have the [...]

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What Is An “NFT” And Why You Should Care

"Rapid development of blockchain technology is leading to some interesting new concepts, including the idea of collecting "one of a kind" art in the form of digital tokens." Eric Coons First off, I want to encourage any of you reading this to think hard and long before you leap on any bandwagon, much less s [...]

What You Need To Know About Cryptocurrency Before You Invest A Single CENT

"Investing in Bitcoin or other alt-coins can be highly speculative, volatile, and risky. It's important to look past the hype and educate yourself before adding crypto to your portfolio, especially as you near retirement."- Eric Coons It's hard to read a financial column or watch a video on investing without encountering at least a brief [...]

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Should You Use Alternative Investments To Increase Your Portfolio’s Diversity And Resilience?

2020 was a year notable for a series of disruptive economic events, dramatic shifts in the way Americans work, and renewed interest in alternative markets, especially those embracing change to maintain relevance. The year began smoothly enough as many asset classes and indices experienced growth from the beginning of the year until around the middle [...]

Six Qualities Of Highly Effective Advisors

"Building an expert team to guide you through the often bewildering and frustrating financial landscape is a crucial task if you are a pre-retiree or already retired."-Eric Coons "Do-it-yourself" retirement planning is certainly possible, even if it's probably not a great idea. The current IRS tax code, for example, is around 2,600 pages long. Then [...]

The Misconception Of Annuity Liquidity And Income Riders

One of the biggest concerns my prospective clients have when researching annuities is accessibility.   As big as a myth that this is, the reality is, annuities have more liquidity features than any other considerable “safe” investments. The only investment with more liquidity in a “safe money” investment is cash just sitting in a bank [...]

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