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Ed has over 33 years of success within the financial services industry. He proudly became an independent agent starting his firm, The Annuity Shop, in 2013. Realizing how vital it was to help this incredible generation of Baby Boomers have a long and prosperous retirement. Website: theannuityshopfl.com

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Should You Consider Adding A Deferred Income Annuity To Your Retirement Portfolio?

"Deferred income annuities have a proven track record of helping seniors guard against longevity risk in retirement. A DIA allows you to create a stream of predictable, tax-advantaged income that you won't outlive."- Ed Hochard. For many people, the idea of outliving their retirement savings is frightening. If this is the case for you, you [...]

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Choosing An Annuity Is A Personal Decision

"A true annuity specialist is someone who helps you decide the safe money decision that feels right to you, even if that decision is to purchase nothing at all."- Ed Hochard. All financial choices are, at their heart, personal decisions based on an investor's unique situation, risk tolerance, and retirement goals. The decision to purchase [...]

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What Are The Main Differences Between Annuities And Bonds?

"Both an annuity and a bond can assure you of a steady income when you retire. But these two instruments have some important differences. So it's crucial to know exactly how they differ before you decide which one to include in your portfolio." Ed Hochard Both annuities and bonds are popular with pre-retirees and retirees [...]

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Can Buying An Annuity Help Younger People Who Are Still Working?

"Conventional financial wisdom says people should only purchase annuities shortly after they retire, around ages 65-75. But, conventional wisdom may not be right for everyone."- Ed Hochard In general, people tend to purchase an annuity product at retirement time or less than a year after they quit working. One reason for waiting is that it [...]

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Common Mistakes People Make When They Consider Annuities

"Annuities can be useful tools for pre-retirees and retirees who seek a steady stream of guaranteed income when they no longer work. However, there are pitfalls of which potential annuity buyers must be aware."- Ed Hochard If you are pre-retiree or already retired, you may know that annuities can be excellent sources of extra income [...]

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