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As the host of Safe Money Radio, author of the Safe Money book, and nationwide presenter of safe money concepts, Chad Owen enjoys helping people all across the nation protect their retirement money. Website: esf.retirevillage.com

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Whale Or Big Fish Where Do You Stand?

Do You Think You’re an “A” List, Whale, Big Fish, Top-Tier Client to Your Advisor with the Amount of Funds You Have with Them Now?   Over the years I have found many disturbing articles, printouts, instruction letters, YouTube videos advising brokers, variable agents, and money managers to prioritize calls to their clients based on [...]

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How Do I Pick The Right Agent To Help Me?

Currently, there are well over 1,200,000 life insurance agents in the United States. How can you ever decide which one is best for you? Plus there’s all this “fiduciary” stuff being thrown around to confuse you even more. Let me make something clear. If you are currently a life-licensed agent and you sell anything other [...]

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Brokers – Are They Working For Their Retirement Or Yours?

Have you ever considered that sharks might be after your retirement money?   Do you ever get the feeling like you’re bleeding in the water and there are a bunch of sharks surrounding you? Many brokers are aggressive people. They will do almost anything to get your money, and some even pretend that they care [...]

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